For a Desirable and Glowing Skin Take Power From Foods

Published: 2015-08-04 9:15 AM | Yesgulf

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Ladies if you are tired of using different face washes and creams that promise irresistible glow, then go natural by attaining natural beauty. Not only at parties and weddings, but in everyday life we need younger and fresh skin which gives us confidence and a good feel about ourselves. Premature aging, dark spots, dirk circles and dullness are the worst night mare of every girl and in order to ensure you never have to face such a situation just eat skin healthy food. Yes, it is actually that simple and easy. Eating skin healthy food is the most important of all the skin care tips.

Let’s take a look at various foods that do wonders on your skin and make us irresistible and desirable due to our appealing looks:


Strawberries are the best known source of vitamin C and the amount of vitamin C in strawberries is more than oranges or grapefruit. According to research published by American Journal of Clinical nutrition, having foods rich in vitamin C leads to lesser wrinkles. Vitamin C acts great in fighting free radicals that are responsible for damaging cells and breaking down collagen resulting in fine lines. So, either eat it or apply it on your skin in purest form twice a week and watch results yourself.

Skin care tips-natural beauty-YesGulf

Olive oil:

Along with numerous other health benefits, olive oil is known for giving you a skin as smooth as silk. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it most favorite amongst health freaks and the bonus is a softer, radiant and glowing skin as well along with extraordinary health. Apply it on your skin and it will leave your skin smoother and softer like never before. Olive oil is present in every home and you do not even have to make an effort to achieve a beautiful skin. You seriously do not have any excuse of not trying it out now.

Skin care tips-natural beauty-YesGulf


No, chocolate is not for kids and lovers only. It is also for those who want a perfectly glowing skin that leaves many envious. Cocoa is great at hydrating the skin and making it firmer. Dark chocolates have higher levels of flavonols that are powerful antioxidants. It is advised to go for chocolate that has a minimum amount of 70 percent cacao. If applied on the skin, caffeine present in the chocolate will reduce puffiness.

Skin care tips-natural beauty-YesGulf


Pomegranates have highest concentration of polyphenol antioxidants that fight free radicals along with maintaining skin’s blood flow. Drinking it daily will result in glowing and healthy skin. Furthermore, applying it to the skin helps to smooth lines. So, along with positive health benefits, extract skin beauty as well and stay beautiful inside out.

Skin care tips-natural beauty-YesGulf


Skin care tips-natural beauty-YesGulf

Salmon is not only a treat to taste buds but also eating it can help you successfully fight signs of ageing and maintain a younger look with young and fresh skin free of signs of aging. Salmon is a great way to slow down the process of ageing. It contains astaxanthin which is a carotenoid known to improve elasticity of the skin which leads to fewer lines as a result.

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