Find Parking Faster with New INRIX On-Street Parking

Find Parking Faster with New INRIX On-Street Parking-YesGulf

In Middle East today, the most frustrating thing is searching a street parking in a hectic city like Dubai. For a person who has to deal with this condition on regular basis, INRIX On-Street Parking can be his savior. INRIX is a street parking app that is made by a Washington company that emphases on the traffic information and coupled car systems, has recently announced a new service app, which could assist drivers to locate parking space effortlessly along with providing evidence on parking area of various cities. In recent latest tech news, it is heard that BMW will be the initially automobile manufacturer who will be posing On-Street Parking in its automobiles. It will also be the part of Connected Drive facilities and apps of the automobiles.

Features of INRIX

Features of INRIX dubai-YesGulf

This amazing app service uses data from real time like for instance parking meter trades, predict streets that are more prospective to have parking spaces than others, locations and traffic data. The finest streets for parking show green light on the car’s navigation plot, while the streets that have less parking space show yellow light and streets and the streets which have no parking space at all usually show red light.

You will be able to see the data about traffic similar to traffic statistics drapes on Google Maps. This amazing parking app also tells the driver about the cost of parking and provides the local restrictions regarding their particular area in an effective manner. It can also provide you guidance to your nearby garage if there is no space available on the street. BMW is the only official launch partner of INRIX, however there are also other car companies like Audi, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Ford who are the main customers of this amazing parking app.