Famous Portrait Artists and their Passions

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Since time immemorial, humans have sought to document our lives and experiences in the form of art. From the cave men’s depiction of our early existence as humans to the digitalized picture taking of the modern world, we as humans, always seek a way to have our lives recorded via images. This is what birthed portrait art.

A portrait is an exemplification of a person. It could come in form of sculpting, digital images, or a painting. The depiction of this type of documentation could take different forms like; a portrait of an individual, a particular group or even a self-portrait.

Over the course of our history as a people, we’ve seen lots of outstanding portrait artists, world renowned who took great strides in establishing portraiture as one of the best genres in painting. Masters in portrait art like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Pablo Picasso, amongst others. These masters have shaped our views about portrait arts and have elevated our appreciation of the arts to the highest level.

In the same vein, in our modern world, we’ve seen the works of great artists too. There are contemporary portrait artists who are also using their voice and their talents to shape our world. Some of these portrait painting artists are mentioned below:

Jenny Saville

Most of us like to shy away from the more ugly truth about humanity, we do not like to explore the less than beautiful realities, which is why this contemporary portrait artist stands out. She is not afraid to show the more grotesque aspect of our body. Her paintings make the world aware of the mutilation and violence that are an inevitable part of living in this world.

Jenny Saville 400x200 - Famous Portrait Artists and their Passions

Courtesy: Wide Walls

Suzi Nassif

A Lebanese painter who exudes talent, Suzi Nassif is a breath of fresh air. Her works communicate something personal to even the more critical art lover. Using the eyes in a prominent way in her paintings, she is able to pull the emotions out of her works and envelope everyone who sees her paintings in these emotions. She is truly one of the great contemporary artists of our time.

suzi nassif 300x300 - Famous Portrait Artists and their Passions

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley is an American artist who have forged a path for himself and firmly planted himself in the midst of great portrait painting artists. In an eclectic mix of contemporary leanings with traditional paintings, he is able tell the stories of young African-American men through his works.

kehinde wiley 240x300 - Famous Portrait Artists and their Passions

Courtesy: Time

Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan is not an example of your everyday artist. Highly sought after by celebrities and politicians, he has been able to deal with unorthodox topics in our society and put his own spin on things. He came into the spotlight after his much acclaimed work he did of George Bush.

JonathanYeo 347x300 - Famous Portrait Artists and their Passions

Courtesy: Vanity Fair

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon is another renowned portrait artist whose works were inspired by the master artists. He has a unique approach to his work which he is not afraid to show to the world.


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