Famous Modern Portrait Artists

Amar by Suzi Nassif

Throughout history, portraiture has been made a huge part of our lives, ranging from using things like woody panels or canvas to tell our history to writing or drawing on the cave walls.

It was during the days of Leonardo and Rembrandt, the famous portrait painting artists, that portraiture became a big thing in the world of painting and arts in general.

Portraiture evolved more as new and modified methods were added by different contemporary artist, who sought for ways to make abstract painting on canvas more attractive and lucrative, exploring the hidden beauties of their minds.

Let us meet a few of the great famous modern portrait artists of our time:

Charles Thomas (Chuk Close).

Chuk Close is a famous modern portrait artist, an American painter, artist and photographer who through his portraits climbed the ladders of fame as a photorealist. Severally paralyzed due to a spinal artery collapse since 1988, Close has gone to create portraits of reputable beauty. Close is not just a famous modern portrait artist but a legend.

Nan Goldin

Born on September 12, 1953 in Washington DC, Nan Goldin is next on our list of famous modern portrait artists who through her unique style has made an impact. Goldin portrays her images as a visual autobiography documentation of herself, which also extends to her environment, lovers and acquaintances.

Later in 1996 she released her seminal photo book Nan Goldin: I’ll be your mirror, which was influenced by the Guy Bourdin.

Goldin’s works can be found in the assortments of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tate Modern Art in London, the museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles, among others.

Suzi Fadel Nassif

Another outstanding famous modern portrait artists of our time is Suzi Fadel Nassif. Suzi Nassif

Adam Eve by Suzi Nassif 293x300 - Famous Modern Portrait Artists

was born in North Lebanon and there she completed her post primary education before moving to Dubai in the early 1990’s. According to her, she has been an artist from birth in that she made sketches even in her notes while in class. She uses paintings to tell stories of people that reveals and portrays their inner self with a particular style and certain color palette. Inspired by the works of Dali Salvador, she went further to create nude surrealism or what she called poetic nudity.

In her words she said that “Painting surreal nudity give me the opportunity to tackle the challenge of portraying the collision between the borderline vulgar sexuality of our modern time”.

Kehinde Wiley

An artist of reputable style, whose paintings often connects the boundaries between traditional contemporary paintings, Wiley’s portraits are created based on photographs of young men he meets on the streets. Portraying men of his birth place, that is South central Street, he goes on to portray them in an abstract canvas of colorful patterns of textile and decorative. He rose to more fame when he was hired to do the portrait of the US president Barack Obama for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.


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