Exclusive Review on 2015 BMW 5-Series Redesign

Exclusive Review on 2015 BMW 5 Series Redesign - Exclusive Review on 2015 BMW 5-Series Redesign

Positioned between the smaller 3-series and flagship 7-series cars, the 5-series comes equipped with the best features from both models. It is offered in two types of body styles. They are Sedan and Gran Turismo. The car is designed with top class interior and it comes with abundant engine choices to suit your requirements.

Exclusive Review on 2015 BMW 5-Series Redesign- automotive industry UAE-luxury cars Dubai-YesGulf

Features of 2015 BMW 5-Series Redesign

Now we will discuss about the features of 2015 BMW 5-series a revolution in luxury cars Dubai. When the previous model in the BMW car series reached the end of production phase, the sixth generation 5-series was manufactured in 2011. The car was developed with an improved suspension setup. It has driver focused center console and multiple improvements in styling. Five years after the release in 2015 the current model looks similar to the 2011 model. It has chrome contours around the fog lamp covers. There is a noticeable indent at the middle of the hood. The car comes equipped with LED tail lamps. The hood has straight lines instead of the curvier shape. It has prominent headlights to signify the Gran Turismo look. It is an impressive model that can be considered as one of the most outstanding editions of 2015.

There is a lofty splash of wood fitting along with the dashboard and center console. It is adjusted with the door panel. The car is copious in leather and other soft to touch materials. The 5-series comes with an elegant set of standard features. They include multifunction steering wheel wrapped in leather. It has a 6.5 inch color display that is added to the interior of the car. Those people who are able to adjust to the rather voluminous shape of the Gran Turismo, can find additional space of 102mm in wheelbase. There is 97mm increased space in height when compared to the Sedan. That leads to improved leg and head room for the passengers sitting at the rear. It is one of the most comfortable automobiles and will surely open new horizons in the automotive industry UAE.

Use of Advanced Automotive Technology in bmw 2015-YesGulf

Use of Advanced Automotive Technology

There is a very effective device in 2015 BMW 5-Series that can help in traffic jams. It is called Traffic Jam Assistant. It can control the car at fast speeds of up to 40 km/h in the slow moving traffic. It can stop the car once the safe distance for the car ahead is reached. Making it easy to steer in the traffic that is slow. The 2015 5-series also comes with the night vision utility that can allow the thermal image of the night time environment. The camera is placed inside the radiator grille. It can detect people and animals from three hundred meters away. It then transfers these images to the Control Display at the center of the dashboard.

BMW 2015 Equipped with Various Engines-YesGulf

Equipped with Various Engines

With multiple types of engines on offer, the 5-series comes in both fuel savers and powerful models. The smallest engine in the car line is 2.0 liter 4 cylinder unit that is housed in the 520i. That produces 184 horsepower of force and covers the speed of 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds. While the largest engine is 560 horsepower, 4.4 liter V8 that is housed in the M5. It can increase the speed of the car from 0 to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds.

This model of BMW 2015 will

The 5-Series is the BMW’s top of the line Medium size luxury car. The car is bit expensive but if you want to drive a car that offers luxury and comfort then you can choose BMW 5-Series as one of the top segment automobiles. This model of BMW will be able to cover the automotive industry of UAE with surprise.


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