Events in Dubai

Events in Dubai

Dubai Design District which is also known as d3 is “a home for the region’s growing community of creative thinkers”. It aims to inspire and showcase emerging talent and provide a platform for Middle Eastern artists and designers while Alserkal Avenue was founded in 2007 by an art enthusiast who wanted to help Dubai’s creative scene grow. These two locations have now become the art “hot spots’ in Dubai.

The love of art is shared all over the world each year, though next year (2019) shall be a busy one for Dubai design region most specifically the Alserkal Avenue. Don’t worry we also got you covered for this beautiful and fruitful year 2018.  The new event calendar is crazy if not insane, let us help you break down the events that we view is of a lifetime.

There will be the famous, Nadi Al Quoz, it is a 14-week pop-up project will be running until the.29th day of October which will be a Saturday (this year). The Nadi came from the Arabic language that usually means club or society, one can show up and apply for various courses such as yoga and drawing, and book clubs. The activities are usually themed around the spirit of relieving stress and there would and always is healthy refreshments available for you.

The second activity during this time in the avenue shall be yoga for all the subscribers who love to keep fit but at the same time have fun. This activity shall run from the 23rd day of July) till the 3rd day of September. We would like to point out that there will be instructors provided by the Business Bay studio Urban Yoga will be running hour-long classes every Friday at 4:30pm.

My favorite activity that I would like to share with you guys is the course that will be offered by the artists and entrepreneurs from and around the UAE.  They will give us a tour that will help us to rediscover some of the city’s forgotten malls. On the tour the guide provided may demonstrate how to draw the buildings, focusing on any unusual architecture. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about getting lost transport to and from the malls will be arranged.

Every Tuesday from the 6th day of  September to the 27th  at 7pm to 8.30pm, there shall be the famous electronic producer and art curator Karim Sultan with the with weekly Panic of the Audible session in which he invites people to share their personal playlists for the group to then discuss. If this doesn’t show that all music fans are well catered for then I don’t know what can convince you.

There will be the Speaker Series, every Saturday evenings in which Dubai-based creators share stories about their works, followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience.

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