Reshma George – A Passionate Entrepreneur Racing to Sky-High Success

reshma george 1 - Reshma George – A Passionate Entrepreneur Racing to Sky-High Success

Based in Dubai, Reshma George is a modern Indian woman who picks entrepreneurship as her career path. Today, huge success is on her record. Her business venture, as one of the Indian expats in Dubai, Motley House is growing fast in the Middle East region under her remarkable leadership.

YesGulf Team met Reshma George, an innovative entrepreneur, to know more about her aspirations, her struggle as a young businesswoman and her future plans for the year just commenced. We are grateful to this die-hard entrepreneur for her valuable time to share her path to success for inspiring other women. 

YesGulf Team: Let’s start with a brief biography and connecting it to her passion for her work. How Reshma George conceived of the business idea what her dreams were?

Reshma: In 2012, working as the events manager at Skyline University College in Sharjah, I realized that I wanted to create a unique platform for brilliant individuals to share their knowledge about their area of expertise. With event management companies popping up every day I had to put in a few months to research and understand what line of events did I want to get involved in. That is when I came up with our motto- INNOVATE. INTERACT. PROGRESS. We create innovative platforms for dynamic individuals to interact with similar groups from around the world and exchange information which is the only way to mutual progress.

YesGulf Team: Share your conditions of work? How did you start, what were the plans and how you landed into being an entrepreneur?

Reshma: Initially I was working for someone else while my business plan was cooking. I was seeking investment from everywhere and that was the most difficult part in this volatile market. Investors had apprehensions about the success of the company as the person (me) driving the business was a newbie. I borrowed money, pledged my assets, made many people upset along the way to fulfill my dream. I realized very soon in the process of setting up my business that many people will be disheartened along the way, but that is the true test of their love for you.

YesGulf Team: For the past couple of years you have been living in and out of Dubai how your travels affect work in any way?

Reshma: I mostly travel long and far only for work. I haven’t had a holiday for months now. Even Fridays and Saturdays I am consumed in work. Not because I have to but because I love it. A wise man once told me that only when your business becomes your biggest passion will you succeed in it. You need to love it like it is your first love!

YesGulf Team: What is your creative process like?

Reshma: My creative process begins with my team of brilliant people who have been my support for the longest time now. We create the event together, discuss the nuances of the event and take charge to execute it.

YesGulf Team: Who do you think was a big influence on your work?

Reshma: Very inspiring words from the famous motivational speaker, Mr. Les Brown has been my greatest inspiration. He hasn’t been a direct influence on my work, but of course he has been a major influence on my mind.

YesGulf Team: What’s been your greatest success? How do you feel about the achievements?

Reshma: My greatest success so far has been to identify industry experts, dynamic individuals and create unique events in Dubai and other emirates with them that have been a strong influence on many a businesses, executives, authorities and listeners. I have miles to go before I sleep and that is exactly what I feel about my achievements so far.

Events in Dubai

YesGulf Team: Has your style changed over the years? The signature element seeped into your work and refined it and so on because obviously the way you are running your business is distinctly your style….how did your initial struggles make it, prune it and contribute to your achievements?

Reshma: I am a person who loves speed, but business has taught me to be patient. Patient during the decision-making process and once it’s made, then I travel at top speed. I always wanted to grow a company that honors integrity, dignity and perseverance. From the beginning I have shown in from within and this has percolated down into my organization. I don’t believe in forced work and it is one of the few things I always tell my team to follow… if they don’t feel like working after a few hours on a particular day I’d also like to share a pizza with them!

YesGulf Team: What’s the key element in your opinion to make a successful entrepreneur? How do you see the degrees of simplicity or complexity in what you have created?

Reshma: A successful entrepreneur is a keen listener and learner, a jack of all trades and is a JUGAAD specialist. Jugaad means makeshift. What I have created so far is a business, but what I aim to create is a system.

YesGulf Team: Talk about how did 2016 go, what were your expectation and from where you stand now how do you feel about it and foresee future directions/opportunities?

Reshma: 2016 was a year of struggle, we have a lot of business from India and the demonetization hit India at a very wrong time. But yes, our company always looks out for the best even in the worst, which we have identified and an amazing product is being designed for the real estate industry in India which will surely take the NRIs in GCC by storm. Other than that, our idea to create unique platforms for businesses and individuals will be taken to a different notch in the year 2017 and that is all because of the amazing changes in 2016 around the globe.

YesGulf Team: Enlighten us about aspirations behind your work and the messages you want to convey to your audience.

Reshma: Through our events and 360 degree services we aspire to make the world an even smaller place. We are a knowledge and technology driven company, both the aspects are integrated into everything that we do and design. The only message I can give to my audience is that always be on the watch out for the extraordinary because only the extraordinary can enable you to think differently. Connect yourself with people who are extraordinary individuals, you will never look back because there will always be a lot to look forward to.

YesGulf Team: Do you ever experience creative blocks, where the problems are piling up and you are stuck? How do you handle a personal situation like this?

Reshma: Yes. I do experience creative blocks, but I always surround myself with people whom I can always bounce my ideas off. These people are my mentors, well-wishers and friends who are always there to support and give me constructive and blunt feedbacks. Whenever I have discussed openly, I have always received a much clearer answer.

YesGulf Team: Any strong message for the struggling budding dreamers this coming year?

Reshma: Evaluate your idea or dream, share it with a mentor or a person who can give you good, blunt advice. Then, strategize and execute till you succeed. Don’t give up. You might be seconds away from success so never quit.

YesGulf Team: What made you choose this type of business? 

Reshma: The business goes a lot with my personality. I am a quick thinker, lover of creative ideas and concepts and a visualizer. This business helps me network with people from strong, authoritative profiles and that is where I dream to reach.

YesGulf Team: What is the best way to achieve long-term success?

Reshma: Strong planning and persistent team work can bring anyone long-term success.

YesGulf Team: How do you build a successful customer base? There is a common perception in business circles that ‘client is always right’. What’s your say about it? Have you ever turned down a client? If, yes, then does it affect your success frequency in anyway?

Reshma: Being a solution provider is what builds relations and can contribute towards a strong customer base. Clients need not be always right. Hence, as a solution provider, we must advise what about the best practices to drive out the myths of businesses. At times, it is better to turn down clients who are difficult to work with as a good business process needs cooperation and mutual understanding. Success frequency also depends on repeat clients and if we are able to build relations based on trust and honest feedback the frequency need not be a concern.

YesGulf Team: What made you choose the current location for your business; impact of this decision on your successful life as an entrepreneur?

Reshma: Dubai is a growing and an ambitious city. It is the best place at the moment to test inventive business ideas, give them life and run with them. My business has seen the success so far due to the attitude of individuals who live here. People are always on the lookout for new opportunities and avenues to grow. We provide individuals with the niche market understanding, give them insight into upcoming market trends and expert advice in order to strengthen knowledge, thus helping them progress rapidly within this rapidly changing environment.

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