Scale Your Business – Generate Sales

Phil Bedford

Are you wondering at the lower conversion on your sales strategy? As an entrepreneur you are apprehensive about growing your business but your current strategy is not getting anywhere closer to the expected results…

Phil Bedford, the Rebel Networker, offers you the best ideas to maximuize your marketing campaigns through a well crafted referral system. If you are looking for new ways to get more clients, scale your business, enhance your sales team and reduce marketing spend then attending is a must.

At this interactive event, find secrets of maximizing your business potential and growing your business without spending much:

You will find answers to:
– How the Referral Process Works to Generate Sales with no Advertising or Unnecessary Meetings?
– How to Select the Right Networking Events?
– How to generate the right referrals?
– How to Distribute Efficiently your Marketing Budget between Referrals, PR and Advertising?

How you may attend the event:
Venue: Our Space Lamborghini, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Date and day: Wednesday, 17 th OCtober 2018
Timing: 7pm till 9 pm
Event attending fee: AED 100 (inclusive of complimentary drink)
Dress Code: Essentially Formal

Phil Bedford’s Brief Bio:
Phil’s background is as diverse as it is impressive; he left school with only a few qualifications and started his working life as a dishwasher in a restaurant, even at times working up to 3 jobs. These jobs allowed him to put himself through university, graduating with a BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering and later a Masters in European Construction Engineering. Following this he has built his career path in both the UK and Dubai, starting in recruitment, before moving into the exhibition stand industry, real estate, and even owning kite surfing and Latin dance businesses. His accomplishments in these varied industries can be put down to his skill as a networker. A major point of pride is that he never once turning to cold calling to gain leads. Varied and continual education are pillars of Phil’s success and with skills gained, such as a certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and NLP Master Practitioner, Phil Bedford is able to instantly connect with individuals and captivate audiences. Inspiring and educating people to unlock their business potential and personal potential through his successful blog and web TV Show (, which enable him to connect with audiences from around the world. In 2015, he launched ‘The Rebel Networker App’ allowing people to engage in an interactive networking experience, where they are also able to keep a record of their networking activities – providing an element of accountability and access to FREE education. In 2012 he coauthored “World’s Best Known Marketing Secret” Middle East Edition and in 2017 he authored “KISS the Rebel” for which he achieved an International Best Seller Status.

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