Profit First – Generate Real Business Profit

simran 3 - Profit First - Generate Real Business Profit

Many business owners struggle with generating tangible revenue beyond the accounting books of their yearly business performance. Considering the need for a business to have fair profit that is practically beneficial we have Simran Samtani once again at our platform.

Simran will discuss with us the Profit First Strategy in this networking event. This is a unique business networking event of its kind that offer optimal entreprenuer support.

Profit First is a profoundly simple yet shockingly effective accounting strategy that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money-making machine.


The system explains why the GAAP accounting method is contrary to human nature, trapping entrepreneurs in the panic-driven cycle of operating check-to-check and reveals why this new method is the easiest and smartest way to ensure your business becomes wildly (and permanently) profitable from your very next deposit forward.


Learn to transform your business into a real money making machine on:

Day & Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm till 9:00 pm

Venue: Our Space Lamborghini Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road


RSVP: 0505763466


Dress code: Formal, Business Attire


Speaker’s Bio:

Simran Samtani
Sr. Partner – Xcel Accounting
Certified Value Builder
Simran Samtani is a co-founder & Senior Partner with Xcel Accounting, a 15-year old boutique accounting firm. They believe in adding value beyond numbers.

A lot of entrepreneurs, use their Profit & Loss (P&L) statement as their report card at the end of the year. They may even use their P&L to figure out what their company is worth by applying a multiple to their profit. The Value Builder System™ is a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your Company & they have seen examples of companies that fetch up to three times more than the average price for companies in their industry.

Simran Samtani is a Certified Value Builder & whether you want to sell your business – or just know that you could, these eight things she will share can dramatically increase the value of your business.

Looking forward to see you all

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