Let’s Celebrate the Year of Tolerance

nada - Let's Celebrate the Year of Tolerance

Dubai is home for more than 200 nationalities and diversity is at its peak 🙂 Let us celebrate the year of tolerance in this networking event with Nada El Gazzar and discover how NLP can help us to achieve tolerance and promote diversity. She is an NLP professional coach, a passionate corporate trainer and Business Excellence Professional bringing you some leadership tips this Febraury.

From the discussion with Nada El Gazzar your will be able to

  1. Emphasize the value of diversity
  2. Improve the management of diversity
  3. Develop greater workplace productivity
  4. Establish an empowering mindset across the organization
  5. Positive leadership and role model
  6. Enhance human relations by understanding different communication styles of employees through different techniques and exercises
  7. Presuppositions and concepts for changing limiting beliefs and turning them into positive beliefs

Here are the details for the evening:
Wednesday, Febraury 27, 2018
7pm to 9 pm
Venue: Our Space, Lamborghini Showroom SZR Dubai
Entry Fee: AED 50
(We will have Food and Beverages)

RSVP: 0505763466

Speaker’s Bio:

Nada El Gazzar, an NLP professional coach believes God puts each and every one of us in this world to fulfil our life’s purpose. It is that one thing we are meant to accomplish, our gift we are supposed to share with the world.
The understanding of the outlined principles prompted Nada to seek a career path in the utmost fulfilment of her destiny. She found that path in practicing NLP.

Neuro linguistic programming to Nada is a conduit to using her gifting to impact her world. One of her greatest passion in life is to effectively influence human behavior and psychology positively. This passion led her to the study and practice of NLP. In further pursuance of that passion, she took courses in emotional intelligence and leadership, all in order to better serve her audience.

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