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Monica Costea

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You have to be an empty vessel to receive. Yes I know you have heard the cliché many times before.

Whether you are aware of it or not your limiting beliefs, your perception of yourself and your considerations are often holding you back from receiving the best. These become barriers to between you and greatness, beauty and magic of what is available. Here is a workshop that will allow you to let go – set yourself free of stress, anxiety, disbelief, and lack of self-confidence. It is your chance to discover new energy, enjoy better health, money and relationships.

Meet with Monica Costea the life coach to experience the new you with enhanced self-confidence and faith in your potential. Get ready and release the electromatic charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold you back from excellence. Get rid of all limiting points of views and learn to live your life in total consciousness so that you are able to:

Lead your tribe better

Perform exponentially at work

Build thriving relationships

Love yourself the way you should

10x your income and transform your life

Form sustainable business connections

Here are the details of this amazing networking event in Dubai:

9th July 2019

7:00 pm till 9:00 pm

Guest Speaker: Monica Costea

Dress Code: Formal Business Suits

Absolutely FREE Entry

Venue: Nook Office, OneJLT, 2nd Floor,
Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

Near DMCC Metro station for those who travel by Dubai Metro>>>

Note: Please be on time to not to miss out the 30 minutes of networking opportunities with scores of people who are waiting to connect with you for better social and business relationship

Speaker’s Bio:

Monica Costea is an energetic, enthusiastic certified Public Speaker, Coach and Leadership Trainer, Access Bars, Energetic Facelift and Body Process Facilitator, Past Life Regression Therapist and Angel Intuitive Advisor. 
She is facilitating healing and transformation using a variety of tools, being trained with worlds no 1 speakers and specialists in the field, like Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell, Dr. Brian Weiss, Doreen Virtue, Gary Douglass and Dr Dain Heer.
Monica brings with her the burning desire to uplift people’s spirits wherever she goes. She holds a master degree in Finance, working in the field for about 8 years. She is now a global traveler meeting and connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This exposure gave her the edge to empathize with those that want to challenge themselves and take their careers and lives to the next level.
Her personal development and growth started in 2011, where her passion for reading self help books allowed her to understand and broaden her knowledge on the subject even further.
She has experienced tremendous growth and transformation  becoming aware of both her abilities and her potential. Now she assists others to do the same in a safe and loving environment, empowering and encouraging them to make the changes that are required and desired. 

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