Art and Science of Self Healing – Be The Best Version of Yourself

Dr Hanan Salim Phamacist of the Future

What if you could tap into the ONE science-based secret to finally enjoying the vibrant health, limitless energy, and unshakable mental focus you thought was gone for good?

In this 2 hour value filled session you will discover:

• How to unleash your innate power to incredible health
• How to obtain superhuman performance to gain a competitive advantage for yourself and career
• The secrets to fast recovery in order to live and thrive, not just survive
• A sure-fire way to a stunning body and mind
• How the root cause of your disease has nothing to do with your genetics and all to do with your environment
• How to naturally boost your health with the secret formula outlined in the “RPH Method”
• The perfect foods to Rapid Fat loss nutrition

Join me Thursday, November 29th to find out more about this transformational approach to unstoppable health and performance… starting right away!

Here are the details for the event:

Date: 29th November, Thursday 2018
Timing: 7:00 pm till 9:00 pm
Venue: Our Space Lamborghini Sheikh Zayed Raod Dubai
Near FAB Metro Station
Fee: AED 80 (Inclusive drink and snacks)
RSVP 0505763466

(You must hit going if you are really going, for reservation please call me )

Dress Code: Formal Attire

About Dr Hanan Selim
Dr. Hanan is known as “the pharmacist of the future” because she uses a revolutionary, scientific evidence-based, cutting-edge system called the “RPH Method Pro” (program) that dispenses “lifestyle prescriptions” that have nothing to do with drugs or pills and all to do with Holistic Health Hacks. She blasts the root cause with natural prescriptions unleashing rapid fat loss, incredible health and superhuman performance, the subtitle to her new book “Second Chances”.

– Dr. Hanan Selim, Healthpreneur, Author and Speaker.
Awards and Recognition:
1) Dr. Hanan is part of the world’s leading experts in holistic lifestyle medicine, high-performance, preventative healthcare and habit transformation expert.
2) As a successful Healthpreneur and owned 3 different companies, she is a trusted advisor and holistic health consultant to leaders, managers and senior executives in the Mena region.
3) Graduated top her class from the most prestigious clinical pharmacy doctorate program in the U.S. and has invested over 25 years’ experience in healthcare, health retreats, educational seminars and cutting-edge alternative health certifications to help her clients gain a competitive advantage for themselves and their organization
4) Award winning speaker and received awards for “Excellence in Healthcare quality” and preventative disease.
5) Dr. Hanan has published her book “Second Chances….An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat loss, Incredible health, and superhuman performance using the RPH method. Now available in, Amazon and all UAE book stores in both Arabic and English with distributions across the world.
Fun Fact:
She’s the proud mother of 4 -three human and one feline.
Favorite movie is “dumb and dumber” and loves to make jokes at her own expense.
Contact Details:
Social media @drhananselim

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