Ace Your Professional Career

oct 9 small - Ace Your Professional Career

The fourth Industrial Revolution has impacted careers field as well and it is becoming challenging to nail a well-deserved position in job market with every passing day. This workshop will empower jobs seekers, skilled professionals and fresh graduates in finding the right job that does more than paying their bills.


The workshop will have insightful developments from Nousheen Mukhtar, Sohaib Hasan and Atique Muhammad. Major take aways include:
– Why personal brand is important for job seekers
– How to build a personal brand that is aligned and consistent with professional goals
– How to build Linkedin presence as a skilled professional
– How to use Linkedin to get the right job
– Cv Writing Tips
– Why Learning attitude is an important element in professional skill development
– How to stay motivated and determined while seeking jobs
6: 30 pm – 6: 40 pm

6:40 pm – 7: 00 pm
Personal Branding for Job Seekers
By Nousheen Mukhtar (CEO Buraq Media)

7:05 pm – 7: 25 pm
Linkedin Strategy for Job Seekers
By Sohaib Hasan (Award: “The Most Successful Youth Influencer”)

7:30 pm – 7: 50 pm
CV Writing Tips
by Trisha Chapman (Founder impressiveCV)

7:50 pm – 8: 10 pm
Determination and Motivation in Career Development
By Atique Muhammad (CEO Advantix)

8:10 pm – 8: 30 pm
Question/ Answers & Networking
Venue: Mena College of Management, Safa 1, Dubai

Who Should attend:
– Skilled professionals
– Career growth seekers
– Fresh Graduates

Speaker Profiles:
Nousheen Mukhtar (CEO Buraq Media)
Nousheen Mukhtar is a serial entrepreneur with multiple enterprises in Pakistan and UAE. She is the owner of Buraq Media FZ LLC and Yes Gulf, catering to personal branding, corporate branding, brand positioning, advertising, publishing, public relations, and digital marketing as part of their clients’ business journey. She has been featured in Stylfemina and Women2Elevate Magazine and Club. She is a Branding Consultant and a Social Entrepreneur who helps companies and individuals connect, share ideas, innovate and ensure powerful strategy implementation in Business development and marketing. She manages the fastest growing business community named YesGulf Community in the UAE. She has managed several workshops for content managers, business marketers and writers during her career where she has enabled professionals in devising innovative strategies related to industries such as Tourism, Art, Fashion and photography, Education, Coaching, Blogging and Branding.

Sohaib Hasan (Linkedin Influencer)

Sohaib Hasan is an active LinkedIn strategist with growing 270,000+ followers and close to 20 Million content sharing views in last 6 months only. He has mastered the art of using LinkedIn and is exceptionally knowledgeable in various dynamics of this platform. An expert who is well connected globally with LinkedIn top influencers and having a large network in the UAE, he is never out of sight helping the job seekers and supporting individuals/companies to brand themselves on LinkedIn.

Trisha Chapman (Founder impressiveCV)
Trisha Chapman, is the founder of ImpressiveCV – Australia and UAE’s best resume writing services. She has conducted various career development workshops all across Dubai.

Atique Muhammad (CEO ADvantix)
Atique is a highly-qualified specialist who trains, and coaches small and large organizations in the essential ‘success’ areas of business process improvement, team management and people engagement. He works closely with team members at every level of an organization to drive organic, strategic change and in turn, enhance profitability and efficiency.
Through tailor-made training programs to fit various organizational needs, and an approach sealed by unquestionable service, experience and integrity, Atique successfully empowers teams to do and be their best.

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