Etihad Airways Opened Flagship Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Published: 2016-06-02 10:53 AM | Yesgulf

2 5 - Etihad Airways Opened Flagship Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Etihad Airways has always been famous for its premium services to make customers happy and contented. The leading international airline differs from the competitors because of its luxurious and unparalleled services to make commuters’ travel more pleasurable and comfortable.

On May 30th, 2016, Etihad Airways launched First Class Lounge & Spa at Abu Dhabi International Airport – Terminal 3.

The lounge offers a complete 16 zonal unique design that allows the passengers to relax before, between or after their flights. They can refresh themselves and enjoy the spas while they wait for their flights too. Alongside, it has an up-class restaurant which provides the guests with delicious food. This is an addition to the hospitality and guest services Etihad Airlines is already offering to the customers.

This new service will give the airline an edge as the international travelers wouldn’t need to go out of the terminal and will spend more time with the airlines. This will increase the satisfaction and retention of clients. Which passenger wouldn’t want to relax in such a heaven?

Enjoy Happy Traveling and Refreshingly Chic Stopover!

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