Holiday in Dubai – Let’s Fly High in hot air balloon in Dubai

hot air balloon ride dubai

If luck ever brings you to Dubai with a pocket full of money and with plenty of time available, there is arguably no destination greater and better than this amazing city to spend your holidays in. There is a whole range of diversified adventures and opportunities that you can opt to make the maximum out of your vacations, making the trip as one of the finest and most memorable spree of your life.

The city happens to be home to numerous places worth visiting, staying and playing. It offers magnificent opportunities to visitors with a varied range of personal tastes and preferences. From world class art galleries to exclusive resorts and beaches with an endless range of sightseeing, there is nothing the city of Dubai fails to deliver to the desiring visitors.

Attractions in Dubai: 

One of the charming attractions of Dubai is its charismatic parks and incredible fun spots, offering extremely thrilling, exciting and adventurous games for the interested visitors yet with the same level of precaution and safety. However, what has garnered much attention from visitors worldwide is the joy ride of the Hot Air Balloon.

This is an awesome and the most exciting adventure for the individuals with a keen interest in aerial activities such as flying and sky jumping. You get to ride a hot air balloon with a seasoned crew directing the flight. Experts claim, the balloon flies at a height of one kilometer above the land. The very thought of flying at such a height over the glorious sands of Dubai is enough to fill one with awe and thrill.

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Make it More Enthralled:

To further excite the sensation, you may choose to have a falcon fly with you. There are packages that will contain a serving of delicious breakfast after the successful and thrill-filled flight. The flight is the best opportunity to view the desert from all sides and perspectives with all its magnificence and prowess.

If you are interested to get booked for a flight, the process is quite simple and easy-to-follow. There certain companies that provide hot air balloon flight services. All you need is to pick one as per your personal preferences, get booked and fly!

Balloon Adventures happens to be Dubai’s most favorite and acclaimed companies that has remained in operation throughout the United Arab Emirates since the year 2005. Over the course of these 12 years or so, the company has acquired much reputation owing to its unique services and features. They are also operating in Europe as well.

Price ranges vary for adults and children. Usually the price per adult is 1,195 AED and per child its 1,045 AED. The age range for children is between 5 to 11 years old.

The flight in a hot air balloon is not all just fun. There are extreme precautions and adequate measures have been taken to ensure a safe and healthy flight. Some categories of individuals are prohibited from flying.

Women with more than a 3-month pregnancy, children under 5 and individuals who went through a surgery or having bones-related injuries in last the 6 months are not allowed to fly.

Let’s Have a Sky Ride! A Never-to-Miss Endeavor While Being in Dubai.    


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