Eat and party like a king and stay lean

Eat and party like a king and stay lean

In today’s world, it gets difficult to balance our social life with our body needs of staying lean. We struggle to make a healthy decision when out with friends and avoid restaurants. We are afraid of the temptation to eat out and indulge in drinking. Many of you can relate to the fact that we grew up believing that eating out is expensive and unhealthy. The term eat-out stresses us out and keeps us in a constant dilemma. So, I am here to help you bake your cake and be able to eat it too!

First things first, when it comes to weight loss or fat loss, people experience unhappiness. It is because of the stringent rules they build to follow their routine and stick to face replacers and other traditional diet rules. People avoid eating chocolate and make excuses to avoid a party. We adhere to raw food with more fibre and snack on beans and sprouts to inch down. Well, friends, that’s not the way to a lean body mass. You are punishing your body with minimum food intake. It is going to have adverse effects in the long run. You are bound to lose weight at first, but slowly it becomes stagnant; you tend to lose appetite. Instead, try balancing your diet with the right amount of essential food groups every day, workout a bit and party once in a while like a king. If you are to follow any rule, I believe it is only one that sticks to the phrase-“eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

Be party-smart with foods in the restaurants. Many food chains serve delicious food within your calorie limit. For people who stress out on one cookie, pour some water over your head. You haven’t gone overboard yet. Cookies don’t do a lot of harm until and unless you eat an entire carton! You should consume about 50-60% of your daily carbohydrate intake in the morning and the least at night. One thing about partying like a boss is to wake up next morning and work out well.

Keep your self-hydrated and detoxify your body.  We all know the importance of drinking lots of water but barely follow. Usually, your call for hunger is just your thirst. Before you pick up your fork, drink a glass of water. It fills your stomach, and you are likely to avoid overeating. Water also aids digestion and improves metabolism.

Don’t eat everything you see. A king doesn’t hog on everything that comes his way. Act subtly and choose your palette. Depriving yourself isn’t healthy, but that doesn’t mean you should eat five servings of everything.

Share your food with others. Eating alone in a party is boring and gives a depressive impression. Share your food with your friends and make a conversation. You tend to eat less yet suffice.

Don’t let calorie dense foods get into your way of fitness. Look for healthy party hacks and enjoy delicacies yet stay healthy.

Find out your schedule before a party and decide what your calorie intake should be. Think of your order at the event beforehand. This way you can make substitutions before arriving and balance your per day calorie intake.

Always agree to drink sparkling water. It is delicious, and the added salts & minerals make you feel full.

Select poached eggs instead of scrambled, as the latter is mixed with oil, butter or cream.

At a party, opt for red wine. It enhances the flavour of your meat, helps in digestion and helps prevent CVD.

Remember, a king throws parties and enjoys too. But, the title remains for his duties and responsibilities. You also have a specific responsibility towards the society as well as your body. Neglecting it completely is as good as a stringent diet. Both have long-term ill effects.

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