Dubai Riverland

Dubai Riverland - Dubai Riverland

Dubai has attracted millions of visitors due to its heart touching tourist attractions. These attractions has promoted the tourism industry of Dubai to great extent, in recent years. Looking at the current potential of tourism, the government is also interested to invest huge amounts in this industry so that maximum tourists can be catered effectively. Riverland is also one of the attractions in Dubai, which is indescribable in words and attracts millions of visitors every year. Riverland is an entry to the three theme parks situated in an area of 25 million square feet. Let’s take a look at the incredible features of this marvelous attraction in Dubai:

Huge area with extensive attractions

Riverland is expanded at an area of 25 million square feet. The area is divided into four zones with 57 restaurants, banks, spa and kiosks. Moreover, there are four event areas including three outdoor and one indoor areas. These areas can serve huge crowds for parties, celebrations and meetings.

The River in Dubai Riverland

A river in the Dubai Riverland connects the whole area and the total area of the river is one kilometer. The river runs along through all restaurants and event zones. The depth of the river is almost 6 meter and its width is 50 meter. The management is also planning to add boats in the river in near future.

The Zones in Riverland

Riverland is divided into four zones including India Gate, French Village, Boardwalk and the Peninsula. The India gate surprises the visitors through its Bollywood spark and the taste of Indian cuisines. The Indian gate depicts the New Delhi gate and through this gate, the visitors enter an exciting world of Indian food and culture. This zone specifically depict the colonial India and it adds glowing colors to the visit. The French village is a depiction of seventh century France with bricked walls, bridges and waterwheels. The village also alludes a European ambiance and French culture of food and bakery.

The Boardwalk is a depiction of 1950s American society and culture. The signs and sculpture in this zone truly depicts the food items and lifestyle of American people in 1950s. The Boardwalk also features live music and neon signs which also resemble the historical aspects of America. The peninsula zone in Riverland is a depiction of industrial era. This zone has special foods and drinks offered along the river bank and mostly the European cuisines are served in this zone. The peninsula is also the only outdoor zone in the Dubai Riverland. The outdoor events in this zone make it more exciting for the visitors.

No Entry fee

The entry to Dubai Riverland is absolutely free and this feature makes it more attractive among other attractions in Dubai. Additionally, there is no restriction on your stay in Dubai Riverland. You can stay for as long as you want within the operating hours and you just have to pay for your food, drinks and other services along your visit. Dubai Rriverland offers great pleasures to visitor at affordable and reasonable prices, so that visitors can get a whole package for their holidays.

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