Dubai About To Become Medicinal Tourism Core

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Dubai Health Authority officials and local medical professionals are saying that Dubai is expecting fifty thousand healthcare vacationers to become the part of the considerable incursion of people coming to the Emirate for Expo 2020. Jenny Mariam John, Development Personnel of Dubai Healthcare Authority said to a media personnel at the Arabian Travel Market that five hundred thousand committed medical tourists will epitomize only a part of the large number of people expected to have medical treatments during their visit.

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Jenny also said we are also eager for the people to come and have medical treatment as a subordinate purpose and also inspiring hotels in Dubai to keep fliers of health check-ups and aesthetic processes. There are many medical treatments which you can perform even in a day for instance like a dental scrubbing. It will indeed make a complete tourism package for the people with healthcare benefits. She also said that the healthcare vacationers in Dubai can also select from more than thirty thousand healthcare professionals which are placed in three thousand medical facilities. By the year 2020, these statistics are well expected to increase to forty thousand healthcare professionals and four thousand medical facilities which will also be augmented by an online registration procedure.

The upswing of tourists coming to Dubai for medical treatment in the past few years has also shown a rise in the medical tourism facilitator companies like for instance Salamtak. It usually connects the medical tourists with the practitioners in Dubai and facilitate them with medical services during and after their stay. In the past, mostly the patients had to go online and search for a medical officer which was considered to be a long process of one to two months.

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Samer Mazahreh medical officer said that there are many people who don’t have companions which is why they have to go by themselves to the doctor and when they return to their motherland after treatment, they return without any kind of follow-up or support. However, now it is all done in just two days also the medical tourist gets a free of cost medical consultation and also they have someone to book their tickets, pick-up from airport, a translator to go with them to the doctor and also take care of their accommodation.

Today, there are most probably half of the medical tourists who come to Dubai from other GCC countries or from other Middle East countries. However, Samer said that he is expecting an increase in medical tourists from other regions in the coming years. There is also a huge souk in Africa for medicinal tourism to Dubai which is why Dubai being the main tourist destination for Russians, we will be seeing many more people from Russia and other countries. He also said that if we see Dubai from a medical point of view, the beauty of this city is that it is close, its safe and most importantly almost all types of lingos are spoken over here. The medical tourists will not have to spend extra money for going to Europe or America for medical treatment.