Do You Love Your Feet?

foot massage main - Do You Love Your Feet?

In summer, there are many men and women all around the world who are worried about their feet and heels which usually gets dry due to the rise in temperature and dryness. Women usually get dry dead skin on their heels, cracks around their toes and also sometimes get misshaped toes due to wearing high heels. Both men and women consider that their feet are probably the least most cared part of their body. They help us move around with ease and there are just a few basic things which we can do to keep them in good and healthy working order.

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Some people usually ignore their feet until there is some kind of problem. Problems particularly occur in women when they change their enclosed footwear of winter season to high heels and sandals of summer season. This is the point where they realize that how their feet were uncared and now they have dry skin and cracked heels. There are many foot ailments which are a result of negligence and at the end the biggest culprit becomes the footwear. Several people goe to their doctor for treatment and complain to them that they’d wished to listen to their parents especially mothers and grandmothers about wearing proper shoes and taking skin precaution in harsh seasons.

Tips for Better Foot and Heel Care

Here are some useful tips which could help you take care of your feet and heels from dryness and all other skin issues:

Cream your Feet Habitually

The best and important thing you can do to protect your feet is cream them on regular basis. A good foot hygiene is also important for your feet. They should also be washed regularly and dried properly, especially between the toes. After washing your feet, you should apply a light moisturizing cream, which has a high urea content like for instance CCS cream. This cream is considered to be one of the best creams for dry skin problems. Moreover, this cream will also help you resolve your feet corn problems.

Protect Feet from Blisters

If you have blisters on your feet, just remember that they should not be broken in any case but be covered with a protective antiseptic clothing. You can protect your feet from blisters by using a band aid or an antiseptic plaster. The band aids are filled with gel which you apply to pressure points on the top of your feet to prevent shoe rubbing.

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Shelter Your Bunions

If you have bunion pain, remember that it can easily be alleviated by wearing wide fitting shoes, which are today easily available in the toe box area and also you can use protective gel coverings from your pharmacy store. It will surely help you to keep the pressure off your joint so it does not become infected or inflamed.

Use Alternate Footwear

It is important for you to change your footwear on daily basis and allow them to dry out to prevent any type of fungal infections the next time you wear them. If you are suffering from an athlete’s foot problem, it is recommended that you should use boil washed socks and after that spray the footwear with an anti-fungal powder or spray to make it safe to wear.

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Get a Proper Pedicure and Massage

If you really love your feet, it is important for you to give your feet a home pedicure from time to time by soaking your feet in a light warm salted water. You can also add a cup of sea salt which is really good for your feet skin and it will also help you avoid fungal nail infections. By performing a pedicure, it will help you to exfoliate your skin. You should also perform regular massages to your feet. You can massage your feet from a nearby spa, where they use jets and various other massaging elements to pamper your feet.

In a nutshell, if you are interested in protecting your feet and toes in this summer season it is important for you to follow these simple foot care tips.