Craving for More Beauty? Clean up Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup and natural beauty tips-YesGulf

Beauty is merely not reflected by your personality, attire or outlook alone, but also by the things you possess.  Do not gaze in awe. Not the makeover but healthy skin makes you look more beautiful. However, you need to be careful while using makeup brushes to apply them. Use of dirty brushes can upset your beauty hygiene causing grave skin infections

Be real and embrace the fact that your mind never come across cleaning your brushes after cosmetics application. Or else, often this thought occur to you but you overlooked because you do not know what to do and how.

I am pleasured to tell you that my brushes not only look nicer but perform way better than ever. Let me tell you the secret of brush-cleaning-act that will surely make your skin clearer and healthy. Obviously, because there will be no previous-makeup leftovers in the brush to influence the current shades.

All-Natural Makeup Brush Cleansing:

Things you need:

  • Extra virgin olive oil (olives extract without any additives)
  • Organic castile soap (made purely of plant oils-typically olive or coconut oil)
  • Distilled white vinegar (1/2 cup)
  • Warm water
  • Clean washcloth
  • 2 Glass Bowls

Let’s Start the Process:

1.Pour Olive Oil on Wash Cloth:

Take a clean wash cloth or you can use towel instead and pour one tablespoon (for small brushes one teaspoon will work) of extra virgin olive oil on it. Easily available from your nearby store, this acidity-free olive oil will only cost you around 20 AED (avoid high-cost ingredients) and can be used for multifold purposes.

2.Soak and Wipe the Bristles:

After that, press the bristles of your filthy makeup brush against the washcloth until saturated. This moisturizing step will actually slack the dirt or old makeup on the brush. Be alert not to involve the brush handle at all or it will become messy to continue the process.

Now, rub the bristles on the washcloth following back and forth pattern. Do it lightly so as not to damage the brush.

3.Mix Castile Soap in Warm Water:

Take a glass bowl containing warm water and mix the liquid Castile organic soap in it. Tropical citrus and peppermint castile soaps are my personal favorites. You can get reasonably priced soap from store or can order online from

Put brush hairs inside the soapy water and squeeze them to release the intruded dirt. Preferably, I would suggest you to do this step for one brush at a time. I do the same for improved cleansing results. Avoid the handle to get wet.

4.Put the Cleansed brush in vinegar:

Take another glass bowl containing 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar. Put your squeeze-dried and cleansed makeup brush (bristles only) in the bowl and leave it for few minutes in vinegar.

This step is specifically added to the process in order to make your brush sterilized of any bacteria.

5.Rinse with warm water:

For the quick final rinse, wash your brush under moderately warm water.

Reshape the bristles after squeezing extra water and place it upright to dry properly. You can either use a tall container like glass or if it’s sunny day out leave it outside for air-dry. I usually go for natural sunshine to dry my washed brushes.

Cleanse your brushes regularly. At all times I like better to use new batch of this dirt-purging process for each brush. Enjoy a noticeable impact on your facial skin after using squeaky clean and germ-free makeup brush.