Constructing Portraits Exhibition Dubai

Constructing Portraits Exhibition Dubai-upcoming events in uae

Constructing Portraits Photography Exhibition

  • Opening night July 31, 7 pm onward


  • Exhibition runs from July 31 – Aug 31, 2015


Gulf Photo Plus 

Alserkal Avenue, D36, Al Quoz, Dubai

Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) is pleased to welcome the UAE community to the opening of Constructing Portraits on July 31, from 4p onwards at the GPP gallery space in Alserkal Avenue.

The photography project will take shape over the course of Eid al Fitr, when a group of volunteers organized by GPP will be photographing and printing professional portraits to gift to individuals from the labour force based here in Al Quoz, Dubai. The religious holiday is a wonderful opportunity to reach out, when members of the community have time to sit, share a smile and think of family back home.


The upcoming exhibition emphasizes our common ground: moving beyond the boundaries of nationality, language and job description to instead celebrate the universal language of photography and the joy of sitting for a dignified portrait. The images will be paired with interview questions that touch on personal themes that all can relate to. The purpose of the project and resulting exhibition is to bring together UAE residents from all walks of life and show shared commonalities. Connecting over personal joys, achievements and hopes for the future, the exhibition aims to bring together often-divided communities.


The exhibition will be open to the public from opening evening on July 31 through to Aug 31, 2015. The exhibition will take place in the GPP gallery space in Alserkal Avenue.



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