Art Networking

An artist is a person, full of genuine ideas and creativity and ideas need a place to be worked on, to be praised for. Our art community is a heaven for all the artists across UAE. We have all what you need to become a professional artist; professional opinion and a community to share your creativity with.

Join us to help yourself with the journey to lift your skills to the next level. If you know your brush strokes and the way it moves along the canvas, no matter how deep your ideas are, we shall help you draw them.

We also share art news so you will stay updated with recent trends and events related to art. Your taste for art won’t be ignored here

Modern Design Networking

Idea breeds creativity. Creativity lavishes skill. Skills creates a professional. Here, in our community, we incubate all three. Modern Design Networks is a UAE based community, dedicated to modern designers of UAE to come forward to a common platform and help themselves with mutual as well as professional opinions.

What we see today is a world, living in style. And modern designs, either they’re for interiors, fashion, events or lifestyle, are in demand. This community provides opportunity to all modern designers across the board to have an idea exchange and learn to strengthen their skills in order to make a name for themselves.


An idea is something that never lets you sleep until you apply it. This is a platform for all the creative and professional as well as learning architects from all over the UAE to come forward to share their ideas, skills and experiences and connect with people having same interests.

We, here, are a community of some of the well-known architects of UAE, looking forward to hear from you. If you’re looking for a professional opinion for a current project you are working on or a ride along with the professional architects, this is the place where you should be. So come along and join our community to make it easy for yourself and even easier for others to come.

Dubai Design Network

Creativity is a gift and if taken good care of, brings out the best of you. Dubai Design Network brings together group of creative designers from all over the UAE to a common platform where they can share their ideas and incubate their thoughts to reform a concrete set of execution for their designs.

Here you can meet up with some of the best designers of UAE who would love to hear what creative ideas you hold as well as they would love to give their opinions about the best ways to execute those ideas. So come along and enjoy the ride.