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  • I don’t feel like joining a gym; even regular workouts haunt me like hell 😉 how could I get motivation in this regard. I know it comes from inside, but I still look forward for inspiring tip(s).

    • Hello M.Rana,

      Yes it’s true that the motivation comes from inside. Our only advice for you is that it’s all in the mind. We heard stories and experiences from our peers to family and friends but I tell you it’s completely different if its YOUR experience.

      You only have to try and see for yourself.

      Aside from impression, another factor might be you’re unsure what will happen if you will try something new. Our role in the community being a wellness studio, is to give mindfulness to you and to everyone ladies out there. That’s why our Sanctuary is very woman’s need. Because on this haven you’ll have freedom to express yourself with assurance of comfort (knowing it’s ladies only), relaxation and away from the toxic daily life we have.

      It’s impossible to change our lives 180 degrees, however we can always and in many ways makes it better.

      I’ll be happy to assist you more if you wish.

      Have a nice day ahead!

      – wish

      • Great! But how mindfulness help reducing/maintaining weight 😉 I believe it inflates our motivation, encouraging us to start transforming our lifestyle for betterment.

        • Being mindful with what you do is one of the secret in fitness. It’s a matter of choice and believing on it.

          Yoga, maybe is one of the least choices or not at all among the choices, but it comes in many variations. It’s not only the breathing and posting photos of head on the ground while feet are up above. It’s more than than. Yet whichever type of yoga you’ll be attending, bottom line is mindfulness with your own body in connection with everything there is.

          – Wish

        • I think mindfulness cannot help reduce weight, unless someone is conscious and measuring calories while eating mindfully, just a funny thought in my mind 🙂

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