Community Guidelines

  • How to make a YesGulf Community?
  • Welcome member, you can add as many communities to the YesGulf stream as you may like. Go To top right corner, Click Create Community. It will navigate you to the Next Step. Please fill out the required fields in the Form. This information is only for the YesGulf use. Suggest a name, select community type from our provided list, upload a photo, mention business location, and briefly describe your community, its intention and purpose.
    Please read the Terms & Conditions. If any complaint is filed against any member for unethical, offensive behavior, YesGulf reserves the right to block the membership and take legal action.

  • What will be the benefits of creating a community?
  • You can find and interact with the diversified people from all walks of life who help you grow personally and professionally. A community creates a platform for you to meet friends from diversified backgrounds to come together to share, discuss and explore new dimensions of their mutual passions.

  • How does YesGulf Community work?
  • YesGulf community works to bring people together by inviting them to join different communities, arranging community events, facilitating a healthy discussion that provides a platform to all our members to express, learn and enjoy the expansive online networking experience.

  • Who is a community organizer?
  • Any registered member of YesGulf can become a community organizer. If you are already a member, go the create community tab on the main bar, then create a community that suits you by filling out the fields. If you are not a member of YesGulf then sign up first, and proceed to make as many communities as you wish.

    What to expect?

    When you become a member of any YesGulf community of your choice, the community board allows you to have discussion forums, share ideas, put up pictures. You can also invite friends to join. You can create events. All the activities going on in any particular community will be supervised by the organizer to make sure that all guidelines are being followed.
    Community organizer’s guidelines?
    YesGulf expects you to be respectful of all the nationalities residing in UAE and be kind to all your members who will join you in your community. For More, Go to FAQs.

  • How to create events in a community?
  • When you join any community of your choice, go to the create event button, click it and fill out the required fields for creating an event within a community.

  • Can I become a co-organizer?
  • Yes, you can become a co-organizer for any community as long as the primary organizer allows it. You can request the primary organizer to become co-organizer and state your reasons for becoming co-organizer in a certain community. It is the prerogative of the primary organizer. YesGulf does not hold any influence in this regard.

  • What is the procedure?
  • If the primary organizer allows you to become the co-organizer, you can request the primary organizer. He will communicate through his personal login or via direct contact numbers with you as he prefers and settle the details of the responsibilities.

  • YesGulf Community Member’s conduct guidelines?
  • YesGulf expects its members to follow the social and moral behavior, norms of respect and tolerance. We want all our members to enjoy the YesGulf communities so a cordial behavior is expected. For more details please visit our terms and condition section.

  • How to edit community description?
  • The right side of the toolbar shows ‘create community’ tab, click it and community creation page are opened. As you already have created a community and now wants to edit, you will find the section on the lower part of the page that describes the community, you can edit any information on this page as many times as you need.

  • How to block/unblock community members?
  • As the YesGulf community organizer you can block/unblock any member on the basis of behavioral issues. If any member is block/ unblock by the organizer then that particular person will be blocked/unblocked from the whole community. Whereas if an individual member block/unblock any other member by going to their profile page, they will be blocked/unblocked for that particular person, however their comments could be viewed on the community board. The community organizer can be requested to block/unblock any member of the community.

  • Why to block/unblock community members?
  • The reasons for block/unblock any members will be legal and/or ethical/moral issues. Any commentary, picture or ideas that may cause any legal/moral/ethical issues will be accordingly treated.
    YesGulf do not allow any sort of spamming, scamming, insulting remarks to any individual or religious sect or nation, no political views or religious views to be ridiculed, no abusive content of any sort language or pictures, no links to be provided to any abusive, vulgar, threatening sites. YesGulf reserves the right to take legal action in case of any violation. Read Terms & Conditions.

  • YesGulf Events Offline conduct description
  • The events organized by YesGulf will be controlled by YesGulf only. Event management is the organizer’s responsibility. YesGulf is not responsible for other organizer’s event and their code of conduct. However, for everyone to enjoy the meet up a moral and cordial behavior is suggested. In case of any problems, the maximum YesGulf could do will be removing the community from its digital portal.

  • Payment guidelines and formation of multiple communities
  • As you create any community, 3 payment plans come up. Choose as per your requirement and pay through PayPal.

  • A community needs a profile picture or a logo
  • When creating the community, the choice of picture uploaded should be relevant to the community being created, therefore a logo or a precise picture that shows the heart of the community should be uploaded.