Cavalli Club Dubai is Launching a Cavalli Club Dubai app with Ayo & Teo

Cavalli Club Dubai app
The YouTube stars, known for their viral dance videos, have teamed up with Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge to launch the Cavalli Club Dubai App. 
Dubai, July 11 2019 
Platinum artist Ayo & Teo will be performing live of their famous hits “Rolex” and “Better Off Alone” at Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge on Thursday, July 25, 2019.
Brothers Ayo & Teo have used social media as a tool to make small dance moments major. Online videos of the duo expertly dancing to some of Hip-Hop and R&B’s biggest records, taking the latest dance steps and making them their own, has led to their viral success, and at Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge they announced a special dance performance.
General Manager of Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge Dubai, Hayan Abou Assali said: “We’re excited for the opportunity to join forces with Ayo & Teo for this big launch. With the Cavalli Club Dubai application, we are truly enhancing and personalizing our consumer’s experience. This new application is another great example of the premium product, connected and personalized experiences we want to create, as a global leader in the industry. The new Cavalli Club Dubai app helps us connect, create unique and direct relationships with our current and new consumers.”
The new Cavalli Club Dubai app which offers a new lifestyle experience tailored to the restaurant and clubbing consumers.
This is the first clubbing application in the MENA region. It offers easy access to the Cavalli Club Dubai events, music which you can listen to during every night Club operations time, membership, everything about food and drinks, unique competition offerings only for application users and providing consumers real-time updates about TOP 5 club in the world.
Consumers can order online their own drink directly on the app as well while they are at Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge Dubai.
The app is an integrated part of the Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge new digital strategy.
Redefining its digital presence is part of Cavalli’s 10 years anniversary, commitment to achieve greater consumer centricity.
Cavalli Club Dubai app is available on Apple Store and Google Play.

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