Where to Buy Abstract Art by Famous Portrait Artists Featuring Celebs?

IMG 20190208 125708 - Where to Buy Abstract Art by Famous Portrait Artists Featuring Celebs?

Over the years, Suzi Nassif has established herself as someone to be revered in the art world. She has chosen to paint portraits that speak in full terms the concealed thoughts or imagination of her subject. Her amazing style of combining both the pop art painting and surrealist art paintings styles to producing masterpieces that has served it purposes and are still serving has made her continually sought after in the art world.

As one of the famous modern portrait artists of our time, Suzi Nassif has given life to paintings that expressed the concealed thoughts or imaginings of her characters. She has produced lots of abstract paintings for sale and she is always on the lookout to paint interesting characters who have defied cultures and beliefs to pursue who they are, just as she is doing.

the colors of iris by suzi nassif 206x300 - Where to Buy Abstract Art by Famous Portrait Artists Featuring Celebs?In this article, we will be exploring some of the abstract art she has done featuring celebrities like Coco Chanel, Iris Apfel, Marilyn Monroe and a host of others. Through these famous oil paintings, Suzi tells the story of each woman from a very interesting perspective which anyone would want to purchase for their homes.

We are going to selectively look into these outstanding characters and their abstract art for sale, and through this, we would have a better understanding of how Suzi works. We would endeavor to see these abstract paintings for sale through the artistic eyes of Suzi Nassif and how she portrayed them in her famous oil paintings.

Coco Chanel

Suzi titled this abstract art Coco Karl and in it she depicted Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld and the intricacies of their dynamic relationship with respect to the Chanel brand. In this painting, Coco Chanel seems to be questioning who Karl Lagerfeld was in relation to the brand she had effortlessly built before her death with the prominent caption, “Karl who?”

Iris Apfel

The American born icon in the world of fashion. As an icon in the fashion industry who lived to inspire many which can be seen on the abstract art for sale were Suzi Nassif portrays Iris’s love for colorful jewelries, for color itself and creativity. This painting which Suzi calls “The color of Iris” did not leave out the oversized glasses of Iris and also goes further to depict her vivacious personality.

Sophia Loren

Sophia's World by Suzi NassifSophia Loren became an inspiration not only to those in her industry but also Suzi Nassif the amazing pop artist, who in the portrait, “The World of Sophia” portraits Sophia Loren as her subject, expressing her in all elegance and beauty, using a collage to bring out distinctly, noticeable colorful history of her high achievements. Suzi is her unique style to point out amazing stories in the society.

Marilyn Monroe

In paintings Suzi depicted of Marilyn Monroe, you could see the power of the woman show forth. Suzi uses the eyes to pass her messages across as she is wont to and this painting is no different. A powerful woman’s story was told in a powerful way by a powerful and famous modern portrait artist.


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