Business Cards How to Get Them Right

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Business card is very important to be used as a great marketing tool. It is just business necessity that can either win you some business or get you nothing more than cost. As most of the businesses have gone online, still the importance of business cards can’t be ignored by marketers and business owners. Every time you give this little piece of marketing tool to someone, chances of communicating rightly about your business has increased. But for this, it is to make sure that the card is designed rightly with proper colors, text, contact and material of card. There are many factors that make the business card right and can deliver the positive outcome. Here are few to mention.

Your Name

Obviously, it is the name you sell and that is what makes your prospect remember you. It is necessary to display your name on business card with prominence. There is no need to hide your name in the corner where no one can find.


Most of the people forget to mention their title. How would someone know whether you are a sales person, accounts manager or CEO of the company? Make sure to write the title right under your name.

Business Name

If you are still not having any business name, get it now before ordering business card. Even if you are the sole owner, business name will tell your clients that it is not just a lobby, rather it is business.

Mailing Address

Make sure to give your mailing address. There are many who don’t mention their mailing address and that ends to sheer frustration when someone wants to get in contact or wants to send some important documents. Make sure to write your P.O. Box and postal mail box on business card.

Email Address

Most of the people are good at including email address. Make sure that your email address is with your business name instead of using the common email ids. It will leave an impression on the client that you are professional and will strengthen your brand name.

Phone and Fax Number

It is necessary to include your fax number and phone number. It should be marked clearly and make sure the font is readable.

Logo Mark

This is one of the main items found missing in business cards. It is because many small business owners don’t have one. A logo mark is a great opportunity for your business to establish your brand. It will set the right image of your business and is a must have on your card.

Include Short Tag Line

Tag line is a short statement that delivers the right message to the client. It will be the key to communicate your business and build a statement in the minds of the people. Make sure to deliver the right message in just one liner.

Call to Action

It is also one of the most important things that people don’t include on their business card. If you want to use it as a business tool, why don’t you include a call to action? For example, call now or visit our website to know more can be a call to action.


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