Build your business through referrals consistently

networking event in dubai - Build your business through referrals consistently

Networking has been one of the most important tools when it comes to building and growing a business. It not only helps you know who is who in your field but also places you at an added advantage with your competitors. One way of ensuring you stay ahead of the game is by attending networking events in Dubai. Such platforms help you to meet with new people in different sectors of your field and also help you stay ahead of the game. As years have dragged along, networking has merged with online networking where forums are created for different people to stay in touch and get to know each other. There has been a need to create safe online platforms where your credentials and title is vetted before signing up.

Online networking has had its benefits, it has helped in career growth advancement, assisted in business networking and above all has offered new career opportunities. An example of such a platform is Yesgulf. Yesgulf is one of the biggest, most reliable platforms used in business networking. It has proved to be the best online platform for business networking and lead generation.  Such a platform is only one simple way that will help you build your business through referrals, below are a few tips you should consider:-

  • Develop a referral strategy – Developing a referral strategy helps you to brainstorm on different ideas that will help you to gain referrals. This will take time off your marketing strategy and you will be able to get new customers through this method. A referral strategy simply means the platforms/people you will use to get you the referrals. Once this is mastered, ensure that you are consistently reaching out to this platform for new clients.
  • COI – Centre of influence refers to the already existing customers you have who can send you more clients. Making a good impression on one client will influence so much more business.
  • State your case – Explaining to your potential clients and other colleagues what exactly you are looking for from them and the different ways in which they can help you is also very important. This way once they make a referral to you, they know exactly what you are looking for and how they can help you. This is a sure way of communication as there is no ambiguity in such a scenario.

Once you make the above attempts, it is important for you to be consistent. Once they know what you are looking for and what you can offer, do not allow them to forget what you do and what you are still looking for. A referral becomes consistent when your clients find you reliable and constant. This creates a good reputation for you as well as builds your business a day at a time. It is also very important to take note of the people who are constantly giving you referrals as one good deed deserves another. In such cases, also be on the lookout for what can benefit them in their fields of expertise.