BMW M135i in Depth Review

BMW M135i 2015 Review-Yesgulf

BMW new model M135i is indeed a good replacement for the 1M Coupe. M135i is the hottest 1-Series model of BMW and it is also an M High Performance model. This is indeed a new revolution in the year 2015 for BMW. This model is a true M car. You will surely feel that the magic is there as the engineers of this automobile are not solely responsible but they really have made a great effort in the creation of this impressive automobile. This amazing model of BMW is not quite as hard-edged as the extraordinary old 1-Series M Coupe, but it is close to it in all aspects. Moreover, it is also $10k cheaper than the previous model.

BMW M135i Review-Yesgulf

BMW M135i Drive

The BMW135i may not have a twin turbo 3.0-litre engine as the old 1 M Coupe, but it has a new generation single turbo engine that is much equivalent to the twin turbo engine. It has a 320bhp, which is nearly as powerful and extraordinary to its old model due to its M modifications that has improved its response and sound. It has massive mid-range pick up and charges with a voice that harks back to the BMW six classic series. It has great steering with a well-weighted and progressive grip that is nearly unshakable and impressive. The balance of the car is equally tight on the both ends. It means that you will not be able to break the rear tires by accident during a drift.

BMW M135i Review

This new 2015 BMW M135i is indeed a 3.0-litre turbo engine pay off, as it performs really well. It is a great value for money for the people who are in search for a mid-range branded automobile with extraordinary performance in terms of fuel efficiency and drive. It is also a great threat to the Audi A3 that will be its rival in the market for sure.