Bleach at Homes- A Great Threat to kids Health

Bleach at Homes

According to recent study, bleach used in homes for cleansing purposes can expose your children to infection risk. Inert exposure to cleaning products especially bleach is an open threat to kids’ health.  It may affect respiratory system and can cause many other infections.

Published in ‘Occupational & Environmental Medicine’, this new study is based on information gathered via questionnaire given to parents of 9000 kids (6-12 years) living in Spain, Netherland and Finland. Parents were asked to complete the number and frequency of infections like flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia etc., their kids suffered from in preceding year.

Results were quite shocking and bleach commonly used at homes appears as a great public health concern. In all 3 countries, infections ratio was higher among kids whose parents regularly use bleach for house cleaning. If you are using bleach for cleaning purpose too frequently, then it is time to change your preferences.

Bleach at Homes-
Bleach at Homes- A Great Threat to kids Health:

Researchers claim that “The high frequency of use of disinfecting cleaning products, caused by the erroneous belief, reinforced by advertising, that our homes should be free of microbes, makes the modest effects reported in our study of public health concern.”

Use of bleach is more common in Spain (used in schools also) than Finland (not used in Schools), so Spanish children are at more risk. However, its risk to all kids worldwide and parents should be careful in this regard. There are also some infectious cosmetic products that the parents should not let their daughters use.

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