Bitcoin Top Cities in the World

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In the recent times world has seen a new form of currency that has created ripple in the investment market and online trading. A digital currency came into existence in year 2009, who founded it is unknown but uses alias Satoshi Nakamoto.  Till now there has been around 500 types of digital currency but the leading one is bitcoin as it is pioneer in this regard. Since its inception it has been radicalized and controversial and was not accepted by any country but in recent times it has gained popularity among many nations. Which cities have shown acceptance to this technology can be summarized here.

San Francisco tops the list, bitcoin has made its place in the Silicon Valley. It is home to many bitcoin startups including CoinBase and Coin Congress. There is wide range of businesses like restaurants, massage centers, animal care centers all are accepting bitcoins as their legal mode of business.

On second spot we have New York City (NYC) the city that never sleeps and also leading business hub of the globe has accepted the digital currency and is very popular among business community. NYC hosts many conferences and events on the digital currency which attracts participants around the globe.

Bueno Aries capital city of Argentina and financial hub of the country, has shown great interest in bitcoin currency following the government policies on that matter. The flexibility one can fine here gives cryptocurrency chance to flourish.

Another USA city including the list is Los Angeles second largest city of America and also the one to dominate the tech market. This city has also shown a great potential for the digital currency and many business categories are accepting bitcoins involving pet stores, a plumber, and hair dresser shops.

Bitcoin has taken its place at second financial hub city of the world, London. This city has shown tremendous amount of potential for bitcoin. Being the capital of the country and home to many corporate conglomerate digital currency has proven a sustainable form of transactions.

It comes to a surprise a city which is much isolated from major cities and whose economy primarily depends upon agriculture been investing and trading in bitcoin. The business is very dispersed in the city which are operating on bitcoin. Major companies doing business on bitcoins are hotels, automobile showrooms, and internet companies.

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Tampa, America is also on the list of best trading markets of bitcoins. The city have 93 brokers that deals with the digital currency but does not share any ATM in the city. The city got attention in bitcoin community when BitPay Company sponsored a soccer event at St. Petersburg College, this stunt did a great good for the bitcoin community.

Miami known for its best beaches in the world also stands tall in the bitcoin industry.  It has shown great potential for the cryptocurrency.  The city has conducted many international conferences on the matter and has gained international reputation.  Bitcoins are widely accepted by the IT adventures here.

Australia is also not the one to stay behind in this technology race. Melbourne has seen certain shift to this new technology. Australian biggest stock exchange is spending time and resources on exploring this technology and planning to effectively use this technology in their future trades. Some studies have interesting findings on the bitcoin commercial use in the city and founds out higher numbers that are indicating people inclination toward the technology.

Amsterdam, Netherlands seems to be obsessed with cryptocurrency arranging seminars even setting a Bitcoin Embassy which provides assistance to people interested in this digital currency. Conducting seminars on weekly basis to fully understand the digital currency.

The list indicates the US interest in the technology and this trend is followed by other’s countries as well, countries are in race with each other to fully and understand and adopt this technology to be the frontrunner in Blockchain technology, which country will succeed depends upon the facilities provided by the authoritative departments.



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