Beyonce and Jay Z Wedding Anniversary

Beyonce and Jay Z - Beyonce and Jay Z Wedding Anniversary

Got 99 problems but ditching the limo for anniversary ride ain’t one!

The famous couple, Beyonce and Jay Z just celebrated their wedding anniversary in a totally crazy and awesome way. No, they did not choose a cruise trip for the special occasion, instead the coolest celebrity couple chose the road trip to the romantic and exotic Hawaii. They ditched the limo ride and humbly decided to ride behind the truck towards their destination.

While Beyonce did not turn around quite often, Jay Z was spotted smiling and drinking something like beer. While it is totally legal according to the laws of the region, Security of the couple seemed to be questionable as they were completely on their own. The thrill and joy during the calm and peaceful road trip was quite noticeable on their faces.

Beyonce with Jay z

The couple is reported to be staying at extravagant resort in Hualalai and having the time of their lives.

The couple posted the video of the wedding ceremony for the fans to have a glimpse of the romantic event and seven years of togetherness to eternity.

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