Best Time to Travel to Dubai for Vacations

best season to visit dubai

There was a time when the Emirate of Dubai used to be vast stretches of barren desert. Population density was low and most inhabitants were nomads.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Dubai is one of the most modern mega-cities in the world. The metropolitan city’s skyline is renowned worldwide and its roads are full of people belonging to various nations.

Nowadays, most people in Dubai are expats. In simple words, Dubai is a tourist hub loved by people all around the world.

But, one question arises: When is the best time to visit Dubai?

You seldom not worry, here are some pointers to keep in mind to decide the time bracket of your visit to Dubai:

Weather Glitches 

This is very, very important! Dubai has two seasons: Hot, and VERY hot! It is not at all advisable to go to Dubai during the later, unless you love the idea of a heat stroke!

Dubai doesn’t experience ‘winter’ at all! However, the weather is somewhat moderate and cool between October and April.

You’ll find the sun at rest paired with a refreshing cool breeze during these months. This time bracket is ideal for tourists as the pleasant weather makes outdoor activities, well, much more doable!

For those of you who like the cold, be sure to give Ski Dubai a visit! The indoor ski resort is sure to give a refreshing twist to your time in the Emirate!

Summary: Weather wise, the best time to visit Dubai is between October and April.

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Accommodation Expenses

As per norms observed worldwide, hotel prices rocket during the peak tourist season (which is between October and April, as written above).

If you have budgetary constraints, then you might want to visit Dubai during the summer months, i.e. May till September.

In summer, many cafes and other eateries go to the extent of closing down due to the low number of tourists in the vicinity. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, this is understandable as staying open would mean that they sustain normal costs with little or no return.

Furthermore, this also explains the low prices offered by most hotels during the summers. In a bid to meet operational costs, they strive to accommodate the maximum amount of tourists and expats in Dubai they can.

Summary: People on a tight budget are advised to visit Dubai during the summer, i.e. between May and September.

Events and Celebrations

If you want to experience Dubai’s renowned festivals and events, you should visit during the ‘winter’ season, i.e. between October and April.

If you visit Dubai in December you can attend the Dubai International Film Festival, where global celebrities make their astounding appearances every year. Furthermore, you can observe an amazing display of discipline and training during a military parade performed on the UAE national day of 2nd December.

best time travel dubai

Whereas if you go to Dubai during the months of January and February, you’ll get a chance to witness the well-known Dubai Shopping Festival, wherein global and local brands offer extremely lucrative discounts.

Be wary, however, that this is peak tourist season. Expect sky-high prices and high congestion in malls etc.

Summary: Visitors who enjoy attending various events should visit Dubai between September and April.

Conclusively, the best time to visit to visit Dubai is between September and April.

So, when will you be visiting the Emirate? Tell us below in the comments!

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