What Should You Do in Dubai This Weekend?

Published: 2017-04-04 4:49 PM | Yesgulf

what things to do in Dubai this week 2017

Finding the best places to visit in Dubai is not that difficult when you consider just how many different locations have opened up over the past decade that cater to a wide variety of clientele. However, which of these places are Dubai tourist places and which of them are more reserved and offer better entertainment for residents? Read the list provided below to find out!

The Music Room:

If you love live music, the Music Room is a great option for you. Located in the Majestic Hotel, a fine four star establishment that is very high end but not so much that it would be crowded with tourists, the Music Room offers live music pretty much every single night. The house band has a lot of songs in their list which they can sing at request, and their song list ranges from Top 40 hits all the way to classics from the 60s and 70s. The club has special nights every weekend as well from tributes to rock n roll greats to nights specifically catering to specific nationalities such as a Pakistan-India Independence Day Celebration where a band from Pakistan called E Sharp counted down to Indian Independence Day!

The Music Room in dubai

Jebel Dhanna:

When it comes to natural beauty most people don’t look outside of the main city, but if you want to experience some glorious mountains along with a magnificent view of the ocean Jebel Dhanna is your best bet. This mountainous region is known for being off the beaten path so there are no tourists here who might ruin your weekend getaway. Barbeque spots abound, and the facilities you might need are close by so you are not going to have to worry about health and safety in case of emergencies which makes it one of the best places to visit for sure!

what things to do in Dubai

Wadi al Bih:

Everyone has heard of the grand canyon in America but have you heard of the Grand Canyon in Dubai? Wadi al Bih is for those individuals that love an adventurous experience while they are out and about, people that look for mountain climbing on a regular basis. This is definitely meant for the more active individuals among us, and it is worth a trip since the facilities are excellent without being too lavish, thereby allowing you to enjoy the excitement of rock climbing without any of the unnecessary five star treatment that Dubai often provides.

wadi al bih in dubai

The Surf House:

Surfing is one of the most exciting things that you can take part in, it is an experience that everyone should look into. Dubai provides an excellent surfing experience, especially for people that are looking to learn since the waves on our coasts tend not to be all that heavy. The Surf House is a great place to go and learn something new, a way to get away from the chaos of city life and opt for the chaos of nature instead! After a day at the Surf House you are going to enjoy a clear head which will leave you ready for the work week that lies ahead. Although this is one of the Dubai tourist places that a lot of visitors tend to go to, it still provides some unique thrills.

the surf house in Dubai

Al Mustaqbal Restaurant:

If you are looking for the best cup of tea in Dubai, you need look no further than Al Mustaqbal. Although it is technically outside the city limits, Al Mustaqbal is a great place to go where the tea is absolutely phenomenal and will leave you wanting more for sure!


Indian food is plentiful in Dubai, but Evergeen is where you will find it at its absolute best. Located behind El Dorado Cinema, you can enjoy an enormous meal there for only ten dirhams which is a price that you would certainly love. Going there with old friends can make for a unique bonding experience that looks into the older side of Dubai.

what to do in Dubai

Any one of the aforementioned ten places are perfect if you want to unwind over the weekend, and are great indicators of the fact that Dubai is a great city for any type of person.

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