Best Portrait Painters in Dubai

Suzi Nassif

Dubai is a place that is known for its exquisite buildings with skyscrapers that adorn its skyline. The tourism industry is a success story and it is one place everybody wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. But even with the amazing buildings and city that is Dubai, there are exciting artists who are involved in portrait painting. Yes, there are talented portrait painters in Dubai who are celebrated for their amazing works of art. In this article we take you through some portrait artists that Dubai boasts of, read on to find out more below:

Maisoon Al Saleh
She is one of the leading female portrait artists. She is a pure native of Dubai, born and raised there. Her portrait style is surrealism and she mainly focuses on both modern and traditional Emirati culture. Most of her portrait paintings feature human and animal skeletons. She began her career as an artist back in the year 2008. She had her first solo exhibition held in the summer of year 2010 at the Maraya Art Center in Sharjah. Due to her quick success in the arts scene back then, she was featured in the Time Out Dubai in the list of ‘Top Ten Artists in Dubai’.

Saeed Khalifa
He is another self taught visual artist who does his art work in Dubai. When he got into art, his main area of focus was digital photography but he has now ventured into other mediums including portrait art. His first solo exhibition was held back in 2001 at the Ara Gallery, Dubai. He also made exhibitions in group shows at Tashkeel at the Ara Gallery, Dubai back in 2009 which intended to give upcoming artists a platform to showcase their art skills. He is a young but highly talented artist who continues to create amazing art people love.

Mohammed Hindasah
He is yet another young Emirati artist who started creating works of art at a very tender age. It is claimed that he began to draw ever since he could write and that this really developed into a passion. He says he got inspired by comic books during his teenage years and he graduated from ink drawings to paintings and beauty paintings. Among some of the notable art awards he has won is the Manal Young Artist Award for Fine Arts.

Suzi Nassif
Suzi Nassif is a big name in Dubai arts owing to the many successful artworks she has created. She is an accomplished acrylic artist who remains celebrated in Dubai as well as other parts of the world. Her works of art is broad and she is also involved in portrait arts where she also excels at. You can buy her works by visiting her website as well as other leading art selling websites. Suzi Nassif paintings are just amazing reason for the massive fan base the Lebanese born artist currently enjoys both in Dubai and other parts of the world. She has won numerous art awards and her artworks are featured in various art galleries in Dubai.

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