Best Pop art Suzi Nassif paintings

adult art artist 542555 - Best Pop art Suzi Nassif paintings

Suzi Nassif is a Lebanese born artist who is well known for her artwork across the globe. Her art pieces are showcased in the famous art galleries across Dubai, New York, London and other places. She takes the inspiration to paint the art from different sources. She has painted the portraits of pop artists which helped her express her feelings and admiration for them. She aims to reach the pinnacle in the world of artistry and is a gifted artist. She is good at forming her signature the color schemes and textures. Few of the top 5 pop art paintings that are done by Suzi Nassif include:

Amy Winehouse:

Amy WinehouseShe is a talented musician who has won the hearts of many music lovers with her great work. She lived a troublesome life. She passed away at the age of 27. She was going through depression and was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Fans were deeply grieved her death. Suzi has inspired to paint Amy Winehouse painting. Amy was equally loved by Suzi who is a renowned artist decided to paint her picture. This portrait is a surreal artwork that shows the love of Amy for music and shows how getting addicted to alcohol has ended her life. The portrait of Amy Winehouse conveys a deeper message to the art lovers. This piece of artwork would exhibit about the melancholy of Amy’s life and how music has influenced her to become a pop star.

Sophia’s world:

Sophia lorenSuzi has used acrylic and gold leaves on canvas to paint the portrait of Sophia. This is one of the pop art artists painting that are done by Suzi, which presents the elegance and beauty of this artist. The fragments on the canvas using dark and bright colors make the painting a visual treat. The portrait shows the versatility in the artwork done by Suzi. She admires the work of the pop artists. The painting portrays the positive thinking of Sophia. She was the one who started her first perfume production that is the mix of roses and jasmine. She is the first woman celebrity to own a perfume brand. She also has a brand that sells eyeglasses in different shapes. She grew up from a frail girl to a beautiful woman and won the beauty competition. The beauty of this lady is well very presented by Suzi in the artwork.

King Hallyday:

King Hallyday 214x300 - Best Pop art Suzi Nassif paintingsThis is another famous pop art from Suzi. King Hallyday is the famous pop singer who won the hearts of many music lovers with her beautiful voice. The classic piece of art has inspired thousands of people. The painting done by Suzi is really soothing that has expressed the importance of art. King Hallyday is the person who introduced rock and roll to France. There are only a few colors that are used by Suzi to paint Hallyday painting, but it looks real. She has used acrylic paints to do this portrait.


Lina Cavalieri:

Lina CavalieriLina is a talented artist who created the portrait of Lina, who is an Italian actress and a monologist. She has earned a huge fame and fans of her work. Suzi was inspired by this artist and has created a portrait of her. To do the artwork of Lina, Suzi has used acrylic, gold and silver leaf colors. Lina can be seen holding an apple in her hands. There is a worm in the apple, which puts many questions to the pundits. For the people who would be able to perceive art can understand it easily and draw conclusion.

Madame Mariene:  Mariene has made a name for herself in the society when women were not given high priority. She made a huge impact on the society. Her humanitarian work was recognized in 1901. It is easy for her to change the personality and love to be liberal. This is one of the recent pop artworks done by Suzi. The portrait of this personality has been painted using acrylic paints on the canvas. This painting has been admired by many art lovers.



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