Top pasta places in Dubai!

best pasta places in dubai

If you are a Pasta lover and want to visit the best pasta places in Dubai then this article is for you. Keep reading and know that from where you can get to eat delicious pasta in Dubai.

Dubai Pasta Places:

  • Armani / Dubai Caffe:

    This restaurant offers some delicious Italian food. The ingredients used in all of the dishes at this restaurant are very fresh and all the basic dishes such as pizza or pastas are served with flair and in case you are visiting with someone who doesn’t really favor the delicious pizza and pasta dishes then they have scrumptious servings of deserts and salads as well. This is one of the top pasta places and is situated in Dubai Mall. They serve their customers from 10am to 11.30pm every day.

best pasta restaurants dubai

  • Solo Bistronoma:

    In case you haven’t been to this place in the Downtown Dubai then you haven’t tasted one of the most delicious pastas in Dubai. This restaurant is a great combination of best food and fantastic place. The whole place is stunning and the Italian food they offer is beyond words. They serve the best pizzas and pastas in Dubai due to which they are widely known as one of the best pasta places in Dubai.

  • Roberto’s:

    For perfect pasta eating experience and best affordable prices, Roberto’s is an extraordinary place to visit in Dubai. The restaurant consolidates conventional Italian Foods with contemporary touches to engage the fastidious palates of the food lovers in Dubai. The delicious menu at this place has a lot to choose from and if you are a true pasta lover then you must visit this place at least once.

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  • Segreto:

    This place also comes among the best Dubai Pasta Places.. Their poached lobster pasta can beat any other pasta in this world. The restaurant is at a very romantic location and if you really want to taste the best pasta in Dubai then you must visit it with your better half.

Top pasta restaurants in dubai

  • Le Dune Pizzeria:

    Le Dune Pizzeria is situated in the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa, and all the food they offer is as noteworthy as their whole interior and setting. No matter if you want to go for a pasta or want to taste their tasty pizzas, they will always serve you with the best ever food in Dubai. This place is surely one of the best pasta places in Dubai.

So, choosing between all of them is a tough thing, but, if you are residing in Dubai then you must visit all these places anytime you want. And for tourists or foreign people, I will suggest them to choose any restaurant they like because they all serve the best pastas in Dubai.


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