Networking sites to generate business leads

generate leads online through social networking

Each and every business needs a regular inflow of customers. The larger the sales funnel the better it is for businesses. You must make people buy whatever you are selling. This means turning people into potential customers or in other words generating leads. These business leads are generated when the prospective customers show an interest in your business be it by providing their emails or other contact information. This helps narrow down your focus. You can now target these people in particular, who are already interested in your product or service, by various marketing strategies and close the deal in future.


Why social media?

 Social networking sites play a pivotal role in helping generate leads for business. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube have revolutionized the business industry. They do not only help you generate leads online but they also aid you in generating quality leads. These quality leads have a greater chance of turning into your paying customer. The fact that majority of the population around the globe is in fact relatively active on the social networking websites, it gives businesses the opportunity to generate leads if they do social media marketing the right way.  You should follow the following steps to generate leads;

Opt for the right social media website

 As a business, your primary aim will obviously be to cut down costs and maximize profits. Remember that business networking for beginners is necessary just like it is for those who are established.  Hence, you need to make an important decision right in the beginning. Which social media websites to use? How many can you and your staff effectively handle? Facebook is the best option currently since it has the most number of users worldwide so it is your best chance to generate leads. The next on the list is LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Use Gated content


Gated content refers to content hidden beside a gate that is virtual. These are vital as people scroll up and down on their newsfeeds and when they find something that they are interested in, they click on that particular link to gain access to the relevant information. This is where you can ask them to provide some basic contact information about them. If they really are interested in the content and your product, they will definitely provide some information.


Run several contests and provide discounts


You can run contests and lure people into becoming leads by awarding a valuable gift to let’s say three lucky people among those who share or retweet a specific link of your business. You can also award them with discounts on signing up for your business’s newsletter.


Utilize Geo-targeted search


Geo-targeted search can come in handy as a specific business can narrow down the target audiences according to locations and feed them data according to their wants. This will make businesses more efficient and increase the likelihood of generating leads. For instance, assume that you run a tourism related business in Dubai. You can use social media websites to attract people by showing them pictures and videos of things to do in Dubai and provide them with an option of searching places near me. Remember to connect with your potential customers.


In order to be an efficient and effective business in the world right now, one thing is certain; you must use social networking websites such as to generate leads. In Yes Gulf you will be able to form your own community or join existing communities to ensure you are making new connections. Later on, these connections will help you generate realistic leads for your business.

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