Which Malls To Visit This Eid In Dubai

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Which Malls To Visit This Eid In Dubai

Dubai’s residents and its visitors are joy-loving people. They love celebrating all occasions, and the upcoming Eid ul Adha is no different.

Preparations for the big occasion are progressing swiftly around the Emirate and malls are hand in hand in the preparations.

Malls in Dubai have given an amazing opportunity to people looking for things to do in Dubai on Eid. A number of malls are organizing carnivals and other fun filled events to increase the joy of the auspicious event.

Here’s some info to help kick off your Eid day plans:

Eid in Dubai – Eid Al Adha celebrations at 18 malls across Dubai

The Dubai Shopping Malls group is all set to conduct its 9th annual ‘Eid in Dubai’ celebrations. 18 member malls of the group will be giving it’s shoppers a chance to win over AED 500,000 in prizes.

These prizes include instant gift packages and cash rewards.

However, do note that you must make a purchase of AED 200 to be eligible to participate in the ‘Spin the Wheel’ draw.

Dalma Mall’s 3 day carnival

Dalma will be host to a “Celebration Splendor” during Eid. The mall’s administration is getting geared up to entertain people through a 3 day carnival.

The carnival will be holding multiple traditional Middle Eastern dances along with other events to further enhance your Eid joys.

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Garfield at Ibn Battuta mall!

The golden cat will be blessing your Eid through a number of live shows and workshops in Ibn Battuta Mall’s India Court.

Additionally, Ibn Battuta will be holding few other activities throughout Eid week as well, e.g. the Superhoods on 1st September and the Royal Masquerade on 2nd September etc.

Dubai has reclaimed its position as a global entertainment hub. Which mall will you be visiting to endorse this stance? Tell us in the comments below!

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