Best Dishes to Try in Ramadan

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Food plays a vital role in Ramadan, with a vast variety of special dishes and drinks that are served during this holy month of fasting, many Middle East people in Ramadan usually prefer foods with sauces. In Ramadan, fasters really want to refill their body’ nutrition level after fasting for long hours. Sweets are also considered to be a vital part of reviving Ramadan traditions. There is a tradition in Ramadan that a fast is usually broken by a dessert and after that followed by a proper meal. Below I have discussed Best Dishes to try in Ramadan:



Harira is a delicious lentil soup with tomatoes, beans and shredded meat, which gives the true taste of Middle East, however, it is actually comes from Morocco. You can also give spice to it by adding various spices like pepper, ginger and saffron. It can be a perfect starter of iftar in Ramadan.



Harees is the distant cousin of harira, which is a savory porridge like bowl. It consists of cracked wheat and shredded chicken or meat. It is usually cooked slowly to release its optimum flavors. It is also called the Arabic version of popular Pakistani and Indian dish known as Daleem.



Kunafeh is a speciality of Levant. There has been a lot of disputes to define which country it originated. It is a cheese mixture, which resembles a Danish. It is actually sandwiched between vermicelli crust, which is soaked in a syrup of sugar and rounded off with a couple of pistachios. You could try it as a starter or as a dessert in iftar.



Sambusa are triangular shaped deeply fried pastries, which are stuffed with feta cheese or spiced meat. You can add more taste to them by stuffing the material in homemade pastry as compared to the filo pastry. Either way you select, it is unlikely you will stop after just eating one for sure.

Lamb Ouzi

lamb ouzi

There is a beautiful saying that best things comes to those who wait for them. This amazing traditional dish of a completely spiced lamb cooked for almost 24 hours really does not have exception to this saying. It is mixed with nut, fruit, and fragrantly spiced rice. It actually is a savory and sweet combination, which was mastered long time ago before the rise of food trend.



Luqaimat is also a popular dish to try in Ramadan. It is a small, sweet rounded, made from flour, milk, butter and sugar. They are most likely called Luqaimat in the Middle East region.



Couscous is a popular dish to try in Ramadan. It is a North African dish made of crushed semolina, which is served with vegetables, fish, chicken or meat. It is a delicious dish, which you will surely love to try in iftar.

In a nutshell, if you wish to make your Ramadan iftar time memorable, do try any of the above mentioned best dishes of Ramadan.