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resort jumeirah al qasr

Perfection is over rated so if you are tired of restaurants serving perfect food, perfect temperature-controlled malls, or simply working your heart out for your boss, we have for you sandy beaches and clear blue water to ease you out of your tired hardcore. Dubai offers many public and private beaches, so take your pick.


It’s a public beach with loads of people enjoying everywhere. Soaking up the sun, swimming in the water, eating and lying on the sand, playing around, are some of the scenes that you will enjoy at this beach in Dubai.

jumeirah beach park in dubai


The glorious golden soft sand of Jumeirah beach that lies along the Dubai coast is one of the best beaches in Dubai. Burj Al Arab has its own Jumeirah beach within its property where you can enjoy all the offerings of 7-star hotels.

best beaches in dubai

JBR has parasailing, wakeboarding, banana boating, camel rides. Its calm water soothes over the worries and welcomes you to enjoy barbeque, strolls around the cafe or grab a mat and lay back to enjoy the sunsets of Dubai beaches.


Al Mamzar beach has 4 pristine beaches that offer cool waters, food kiosks. This beach in Dubai has manicured lawns, bike paths, swaying palm trees, pools and amphitheater to score the best beach of Dubai. This beach has earned blue flag status for being the best beach in Dubai.

mamzar beach park in dubai


This long stretch of sand on the south of Jumeirah beach has a sky covered in colorful kites. The kite beach is home for kite surfers, paddle boarding water kite surfing and a lot of other water fun. So challenge yourself, try something new at the kite beach. Quirky cafe, lying along the gorgeous water and simply let go!

kite beach part dubai, UAE


Sunset beach has picturesque sunsets, bluest water and cool breeze of Arabian Gulf. This Dubai beach is one of the quieter beaches. So if you enjoy your own company then theses are sands for you. The calm waters of sunset beach is located behind the sunset hotel at Jumeirah.

sunset beach


Habtoor grand beach resort and spa boast an elegant 5-star hotel adjacent to pure sandy beach. Habtoor beach resort and spa has curling water rides, sun loungers, frolicking in the oil, or a walk to the quieter parts of this long strip of sand. The hotel is just across so you can indulge in its 5 star facilities any time you want.

habtoor beach dubai

It is surrounded by the Mall of Emirates, the World, Skydive Dubai, and Duabi Marina. So any time the sand itches. You can retreat into the shades of these landmarks.


Burj Al Arab paints the background for burj beach. It features volleyball nets, football are, jogging track along with food kiosks, huge umbrellas, and bathrooms. So for a long day option, burj beach is your destination as the best beach in Dubai.

best beach in dubai, burj al arab


Ghantoot beach lies on the out skirts of the city so if you are in a mood of a long drive and then some relaxation, head to Ghantoot beach. It is a private beach run by Golden Tulip Hotel, offering volleyball nets, barbeque spots, water skiing, banana boating, wake boarding and other activities make it the best beach of Dubai.

ghantoot beaches in dubai


Regal class reinvented, a web of ostentatious canals built around lush green gardens boasts a private beach of 2km. you can enjoy all the perks of a 5 star property while dipping in the waters without the crowds.

resort jumeirah al qasr

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Black palace beach is one of Dubai’s mystic pearls that lay between royal fortresses at Al Sofouh a tiny pathway that take you into this natural cove. As it is a rather lesser known of Dubai beaches, so you will find it calmer, more relaxed and soothing.

Al Sufouh Beach to Burj al Arab

Blue color is the color of sky and sea, the strength of nature oozing out of these features. It is associated with depth and stability symbolizing confidence and intelligent. So if you head out to beach every time you are free, that proves you are a strong person who like treasures the calmness rather than chaos of a club.


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