Affordable Greek Restaurants in Dubai

greek restaurants in dubai

Dubai is a city with many opportunities! All it requires is strength and passion to explore on your part and you will never be disappointed! The city is no less of a heaven for people with a taste for good quality food. Those who want to try something new to eat every time will find no place better than Dubai when it comes to variety and quality of food.

The city not only has plethora of spots offering delicious variety in local cuisines but it also has multiple opportunities to enjoy many and international cuisine such as Greek, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and many more! Here are some of the finest restaurants where you can enjoy finest quality Greek food at an incredibly economical price.

Jimmy the Greek

Fans of Greek food, rejoice! There are some amazing, amazing places that give you best quality Greek cuisine at price lower than your expectations. One of such restaurants, for example, is located on the level two of the Dubai mall. It is called ‘Jimmy the Greek’. For two people, they charge a nominal amount of AED 60!

jimmy the greek restaurant in Dubai

Rite Bite

There are so many awesome Greek restaurants in Dubai that provide you delicious Greek cuisines at price you will feel contend spending. ‘Rite Bite’ is yet another name where you can eat Greek food to your fill for an amount as low as AED 60! Located at Al Balad street, the restaurant serves from 12 in the noon till 9 PM.

Public cafe

Talking about good quality Greek food? One cannot miss out ‘Public cafe’ in any probability! The restaurant is situated on ground level in Jumeriah Lake Towers. Among other cuisines, it also offers good quality Greek dishes at a price of AED 120. The restaurant remains open throughout the week from 8 AM till 10 PM except on Saturdays.

There is literally no end to spots, venues, and restaurants that can provide customers a satisfying experience to Greek dining. The industry is thriving and opening up many such spaces in different corners of Dubai. Daily hundreds and thousands of customers visit these spots and enjoy the Greek cuisine to the satisfaction of their hearts’ desire! You could be one of those. All you need to know is the right kind of places to dine at.

Grk Fresh Greek

‘Grk Fresh Greek’ is yet another incredible restaurant that you can check in to have a memorable dining experience in Greek cuisine. It offers numerous varieties of salad and of course Greek food. The prices are not too high either. They only charge AED 130 for two people. That is just AED 65 per head! The restaurant remains open for 14 hours a day. Opens at 10 AM and closes at 12 in the night.

Little Greece

Then there is another café called ‘Little Greece’ to have an incredible Greek dining experience. It charges AED 130 for two persons and provides excellent quality of Greek cuisine. The amount is relatively comfortable for anyone seeking to enjoy some good Greek foods!

Apart from these few, there are a lot more waiting to be discovered if you are true Greek food lover!

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