Be Kind to Your Planet and Pay Homage to Mother Nature

18 - Be Kind to Your Planet and Pay Homage to Mother Nature

Earth Day Observed Across the Globe Counting UAE

“For 200 years we’ve been conquering nature. Now we’re beating it to death.” Tom McMillan

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day is observed across the globe including UAE to push environmental awareness among people. Fully developed countries may not need much understanding but the developing and under developing nations are in great necessity of saving their surroundings.

Earth day is more like a yearly held climate petition to save our planet Earth from environmental hazards including toxic wastes, greenhouse gases, smog and perilous fumes etc. climatic changes and global warming will take on our future generations if not controlled over the time.

We Need to Understand, Pollution Is No Solution:

Key reason to commemorate the Earth Day is to make people understand about environmental issues, to educate them towards climate change and how to be protected from them.

Today, world leading economists and scientists released a statement marking Earth Day. In that statement, they urge leaders for keeping the commitments to avoid treacherous global warming.

‘Leading scientists say 75 percent of known fossil fuels must stay in ground.’ (The Guardian, UK)

In addition, they call on all the richest countries of the world to make the most aggressive carbon cuts as its turning into a nightmare.

It’s a yearly held one of the largest single campaign wherein from kids to youngsters and old people from all over the world join their hands for eco-friendly place to live in. Every second is claiming lives of people just because they are not living in healthy atmosphere. The worst is that they are not even grasping the cause behind.

Earth Day Happenings in UAE:

In UAE, Earth Day occasion was marked with clean-up campaigns and recycling projects. Men and women of all ages including students, volunteers, officials and corporate leading personalities participated to elevate the awareness on health of our planet.

On this day, from volunteers to NGO’s, government personnel, environmental groups and activists gear up taking this message of good and healthy settings to live in to millions of people.

• Marking the Earth Day, Bee’ah (Sharjah Environmental & Waste Management Company) organized ‘My Bee’ah Walkathon’ like the previous year to stress the significance of recycling.
• Few days back Al Wahda Mall located in AbuDhabi went green in support of Earth Day.
• Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana has organized the ‘Battle of Bottles’ boat race for the 2nd successful year in a row aiming to express support for environmental protection.
• Delhi Private School in Sharjah also held special assemblies in the morning and then an Art Marathon with ‘Colors of the Earth theme’. Special Earth Day badges were given to participants as token of appreciation.
• Clean-up Emirate-wide drive campaign was carried out in Ras Al Khaimah focusing on coastal and desert areas protection.
• And much more…

Final thought:

Since 1970, Earth Day reminds us our duty to save our mother nature from smashing to smithereens.

So unfortunate that we have not nip the evils in bud and today facing terrible environmental to climatic problems leading to shocking health issues. Today, our planet is at the verge of complete wreckage.

It’s our turn to lead and make people realize the fact that along with economic growth we must have to protect earth’s sustainability.

Our mother earth is worth saving and Earth Day gives us the moment to act. We have to save long-lived and healthy wetlands as well as the forests. Not for one day a year, each one of us keep establishing health-friendly and green environs every day.

Be Responsible Kids of Mother Earth!

Every Year, Earth Day Retells the Same; Listen and Act Reliably.