Be aware, Eyeliners Undeniably Hold Drawbacks for You


From housewives to working ladies, everyone likes to wear makeup. Women love to wear makeup not only for festive events but also in routine life.

But how many of you have ever thought of the side effects of cosmetics? I think not enough females are aware of downsides their eyeliners are bearing. Liquid to pencil and gel eyeliners, all have disadvantages and let me tell you the most common drawbacks. No worries, most of the troubles pop-up if you are doing makeover for the first time or doing it hastily.

Poor quality eyeliners can cause eye infection:

Never ever compromise on quality just to save few bucks. Eyes are quite sensitive part of your body and hence you must always get excellent cosmetics to use. If your budget isn’t allowing you, then it is better not to use anything at all. But don’t settle on low quality products especially the eyeliners. Simply because poor quality eyeliners can cause severe infections (swelling, aching or redness) to your eyes.

Excessive use of eyeliners may lead to Irritation:

Eyeliners if not removed well in time can cause irritation. Area around your eyes is too delicate, so you should avoid keeping eyeliners and even eye shadows for long.  You must not be insensitive to your skin and always cleanse your makeover especially before going to bed.

If not applied properly, eyeliners result in eye redness:

This is the problem I often face. Eyes redness problem instigates when you lack in expertise to apply eyeliner and you have to redo. If this happens constantly, the area will get red and itchy. This problem holds for all types of eyeliners. Therefore, avoid experimenting with your eyeliners application by doing from scratch over and over again.

Liquid/Gel eyeliners can affect your eye sight:

Women who want perfect smudging usually apply gel or liquid eyeliners. But you need to be very careful because if you cannot put it on skilfully, it may get in your eye and sting. It will be your life’s scariest moment as wound in eye means direct effect on your sight. Please, if for any reason you find it difficult to apply liquid or gel eyeliner then quit right away. Or else, you can have lifelong eye problems.

Sharp pencil eyeliner can be harmful:

Pencil eyeliners can be injurious to eyes. You know that pencil eyeliners give the best result if sharpened well. However, if you are amateur, pencil can get slipped and hurt your eye. To avoid any such injury you must practice with softly trimmed pencil eyeliners first. Once your hand starts moving smoothly, you can use can sharp pencil eyeliner tips.

Wear your eyeliner cautiously to avoid any of these mishaps. For any eye problem caused by your sloppy experience with eyeliners, consult your doctor immediately.

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