Bastakiya: A Symbol of Historic Dubai and Emirati Culture

Published: 2015-05-06 3:47 PM | Yesgulf

Best Tourist Spots in Dubai

Dubai is most probably the best tourist spot known for its amazing futuristic skyline all around the world. It is a city of over the top shopping centers, luxurious hotels, record breaking skyscraper buildings and most importantly its slightly indulgent lifestyle. If you are interested in seeing the ancient history culture buildings and monuments in Dubai you will see it near Dubai Creek, where you will find Bur Dubai. It is basically an area which is most populated with the immigrants from the subcontinent. When I visited Dubai, I really enjoyed this part of the city, it made me feel like I am in India. There were ancient Sikh and Hindu temples and the mosques were just a few meters away. Beside the temples there is a lively textile souk. You will also be able to see Al Fahidi Fort Housing Museum which tells the tourists about the story of old times of Dubai before the discovery of oil.

Al Fahidi Fort-Basktakiya

Bastakiya is also considered to be one of the best tourist spots in Dubai. It was recognized at the end of the 19th century by the fabric and pearl merchants from Bastak, Iran. It has labyrinthine lines which have restored merchant houses, cafes, boutiques, hotels and art galleries. Tourists who visit this beautiful place will put a picturesque step in the past of Dubai. You can start your tour from a cultural breakfast at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. The center of this place is housed in one of the Bastakiya’s elegant building having a beautiful enclosure, dangling oil lamps, wooden lattice on the second floor and pretty decorative grilles. Here the cultural breakfasts will surely give the tourists a rare opportunity to meet the Emiratis and also learn about their local traditions and heritage.

Al Bastakiya

When you turn left from the Sheikh Mohammed Centre towards the waterfront, you will surely admire the Bastakiya Nights restaurant in the other beautiful courtyard house. The staff of the restaurant shows the traditionally decorated rooms and a fine view of Dubai Creek from their rooftop. After that when you stroll down the sandy lane to the white mosque, you will notice the splendid architectural details of the grand gypsum, limestone and coral buildings which have engraved wooden doors with brass knockers. From there, when you turn left and walk till the end until you see the last remaining area of the Old City Wall. It was constructed in the year 1800 with coral and gypsum. It also defends the old town of Bur Dubai which also includes Al-Fahidi fort and also the old Grand Mosque.

arabian restaurant

There is also an Ave Gallery, which is a new place opened by the exalted Iranian artist and curator. Behind the gallery there is another art gallery known as the Majlis Gallery, which is the Dubai’s oldest commercial gallery in Dubai since 1970s. In this gallery you will see more paintings made of Asian oils and watercolors. You will also see eye catching sculptures and calligraphy in this gallery which are really worth seeing whenever you come to this place. Don’t forget to try the Basta Special at the Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Café to make your visit memorable.

You can easily reach Bastakiya by a taxi or it is just a 10 to 15 minutes walk from Al Ghubaiba bus station in Bur Dubai. Moreover, you can also take Dubai’s new cool metro and get off at Al Fahidi stop. Before planning your visit to this ancient cultural place in Dubai, make sure you view the calendar of events to enjoy more during your stay here.

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