Automated automobiles are revolutionizing Dubai!

automated automobile in Dubai

From Hyper loop commuter solutions to the driver-less buses as well as cars, the current progress in automobile innovations is changing the game in Dubai. The innovations in automated automobile are the true Dubai attraction these days which is making the city a worth visiting place. There are several things to do in Dubai, but, watching such technologies growing faster in the UAE is an amazing experience itself. Automated automobiles are playing an important role in modernizing Dubai. Keep reading the article and know about some incredible automobiles innovations that have made Dubai one of the best travel destinations.

Innovation in Automate Automobiles:

  • The launch of Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy was held last year which promised that by 2030, 25% change of the aggregate transportation in Dubai in to the autonomous methods which will save the approximate amount of AED 22 billion every year. The vision of Dubai consolidates all mass travel modes such as buses, train, watercraft as well as cabs along with the private vehicles. However, the Dubai city’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) started field testing in the Downtown area Dubai with a worker carry vehicle, the EZ10, in August 2016. These changes play major role as actual Dubai attraction by making the place better.


  • RTA is working on different innovative things to do in Dubai. However, currently, the RTA is making different plans in order to test the driver-less transports in committed lanes and it’s even expected that self-driving, flying autos are set to be displayed at 2020 Expo in the Emirate which will be the true Dubai attraction. The primary trials of a flying vehicle named as the “Ehang 184”, which is equipped enough to carry a human, have already taken place in the skies of UAE and the RTA is making quick plans to introduce passenger transit operations of the vehicle.


  • RTA is additionally working to create self-driving autos with the Hyperloop innovation which will empower people to drive within the limited distances in the small city. After achieving this goal, the next aim will then be to load up these innovative vehicles onto a fast Hyper-loop train that will be able to travel in urban communities and it is been expected that the time required for traveling among Abu Dhabi & Dubai could be diminished to just twelve minutes. Traveling in such trains will surely be one of the best things to do in Dubai in future.


  • It is expected that the trial of flying cabs will be held at the end of 2017 hopefully but, it is not confirmed now. However, this shows the level of innovation in automobiles. The flying cabs will be able to carry two people and will travel through the beautiful skyline of Dubai.

All these things clearly show that in future, Dubai will become one of the top travel destinations in the world. For those who want great transportation to move in the city RTA is on its way to more innovations.



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