Art Events in Dubai are Good for Art Collectors

Art Events in Dubai are Good for Art Collectors - Art Events in Dubai are Good for Art Collectors

Art exhibitions in Dubai have been stimulating people to purchase more masterpieces of art. These events have offered fair exposure to budding artists all over Dubai. The variety of these exhibitions has ranged from exhibitions for paintings, crafts to performing arts. Dubai continues to hosts art events as artists and collectors enjoy the verified mix of responses from audience. The 12th version of Art Dubai – the area’s first and major art fair event, has been immensely successful. It is an occasion that has developed as a significant feature within the city’s idea to be a universal cultural center.

Art in Dubai and its events are the perfect platform for an experienced collector and as well as for a novice collector to experience the access to a global, lively market. Here is why art events in Dubai are best for the art collectors:

Innovative Art Events

Art collectors must attend the year round hosted art events. For instance, art events and exhibitions by art galleries such as  Satchi Art Gallery and XVA art Gallery are an opportunity to find artworks by various artists in Dubai. Sometimes, artists from around the globe also exhibit their works in events hosted during Art Dubai exhibitions. The achievement of Art Dubai, the leading global art event in the South Asia, Middle East and North Africa is an image of prosperous art act. Attend these events every year to find an array of artworks by many artists from Dubai or worldwide.  The events by Art Dubai feature custom-built schemes and presentations, artistes’ and custodians’ residencies, instructive workshops, the presentation of artworks by the victors of the yearly Abraaj Group Art Prize and the critically much-admired Global Art Medium. Much innovative artwork could be bought from such events.

Shaping Community

For all these collectors, linking with the artistes and galleries which comprise their local art scene is huge. There are many art events, workshops and forums arranged by Dubai Design district too. If you want to explore innovative artworks, art trends and other art oriented activities in Dubai, go to Alserkal Avenue. It has large number of art galleries too that host artworks by many contemporary and modern artists. You will surely find a wide variety to add to your art collection here.

Good market

Art fairs are beneficial to collectors who are able to see an enormous amount of art all in one place and it is especially useful for galleries outside the major urban centers, who may see far fewer clients at their galleries. The fairs are also well attended by students and artists, who appreciate seeing a broad spectrum of art, without the need for taking out the time and financial resources for wide-ranging travel. Therefore, you must keep watch for art events in Dubai. There are restaurants such as Coya in Four Seasons Resort Dubai and Iris in the Oberoi that often host great exhibits by solo artists. You may attend their events as well to know about Pop artists and their fresh artworks to add to your collection year round.


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