Are you good in making decisions?

decision making - Are you good in making decisions?

In psychology, decision-making is taken as a cognitive process that results in the selection of a belief or a course of action among many alternative possibilities. In any decision-making process, a final choice is produced and this may or may not prompt an action. Decision-making process involves identifying and choosing alternatives that is based on values, beliefs and preferences of the decision-maker

How is it important in our daily life?

The ability to opt for the right choice depending on the challenge at hand is what decision making is all about. It is vital that a person understands the process of individual decision making. When a situation arises where decision is needed for an optional way, an individual must be able to make a good decision instead of wavering about. Good decisions are usually made quickly by people who have high range emotions.

How can you achieve effective decision making

To achieve effective decision making one needs to create a constructive environment where he can weigh options. Often, if you are the one who is responsible for making a decision, you will rely on others to implement that decision so it pays to get their support. If the decision is to be made within a group, it would be best to first conduct a stakeholder analysis so as to identify who to include in the process.

Examples of people who used decision making and made life easier for them

Decision making is very important at both corporate and personal levels. We have seen even famous people who made some seriously bad decision which nearly cost them all their lives efforts. You can talk of Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson and many others who like others made negative decisions that adversely affected their lives. Yet some of them turned and used decision making to help turn around their lives for the better. Tiger woods for instance made a decision to improve his life and he managed to enhance both his personal and social life. He is now back to his winning ways. If we start listing people who used decision making to help improve their lives for the better the list will just carry so many people. The bottom line however is that decision making helps people to get better in what they do in life.

How our life changes once we have learned to make the right decisions

Of course with the right decisions life will keep on getting better for you each day. Good decisions always steer people in the right direction which they should be taking with their lives. This is why it is important for people to learn making the right decisions in order for them to make their lives even better. Perhaps you have seen how people who make bad decisions struggle with life and experience unfortunate happenings. Learning to make the right decisions is key if you wish to get the best out your life.

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