Are You a Woman Entrepreneur?


Women entrepreneurs are still trying to find their grip in the business world, having men dominating even more makes the women struggle to make her voice to be heard and this can be frustrating. In this article, we would look into the challenges women entrepreneurs are facing and how to overcome them.

A feeling to shift gender hood

At so many points, it seems so intimidating when networking as a female entrepreneur in a male dominated arena that forces the woman to adopt an alpha trait in other to make her voice to be hard and thereafter protect herself, which in turn makes her aggressive, competitive and most times harsh.

But the solution is not turning into a man rather being true to oneself, attaining mastery and being known through your voice, are they keys needed to rising above the set expectations.

Balancing Work and family

Maintaining a healthy family and at same time, have to run a successful business can be really challenging for a woman, this is not so with men. The woman feels more of the pressure since she bears a larger share of the household management. But nevertheless, the woman can always become better as well by putting a call ahead if she is running late and grow a healthy communication relationship with her spouse.

Fear of failure

If you study successful men, you will realize how many times they failed before they got that push that made them successful but in the case of a woman, she is expected to fail and quit because she is a female. Anxiety sets in as the woman fears falling, making her reasoning become fussy, which if not properly managed, will bring her business down. Remember failure is meant to teach and not pull us away, we learn how many ways not to succeed which brings success even closer to us.

A tough funding facility

Being denied access to the required funding can bring a large amount of stress upon the woman and is one of the challenges women are facing in the business world. Women often start the business with half the capital they need because of the way women are seen in the business world.

The need for a support

The men are more in number when it comes to the numerical strength of entrepreneurs, which makes the women feel ignored. The limited number of women in leadership positions, makes finding a female role model difficult, which also affects striking of deals. Finding a female executives or entrepreneurs to connect to is still difficult even though the number of females joining the race is increasing.

The interference of emotions and nurturing skills in business

We know for certain that women are more emotional than men, which can be a weakness when it comes to running an effective business. For most men, business is just about bottom line but for women it’s more than that, they allow their nurturing attributes get in their way of making tough decisions.

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