Apple Launches iOS 8.2 with Watch app and 12-inch MacBook Air

Apple iOS 8.2 - Apple Launches iOS 8.2 with Watch app and 12-inch MacBook Air

In the latest technology news, it is heard that Apple has recently launched its 12-inch Mac Book Air and also iOS 8.2 with Watch app. This release was announced by Tim Cook CEO of Apple on March 10th 2015 in an Apple Watch occasion. According to some analyst it is found that more than 8.3 million Apple Watch units are expected to be sold in Britain. They also think that this amazing launch will take over the whole wearable gadget market for app creators this year.

Forester technical analyst James said that Apple Watch is expected to outsell all other watch gadget makers till the end of 2015. Apple has brought an appreciated thoughtfulness to the market after releasing these products this year. The new 12-inch Mac Book Air has also dropped the title “Air” from it after learning the technology lessons from the iPhone and iPad. It only has one connecting point for power which is also used for video and data transfer.

Apple Watch will easily be used to pair it with an iPhone and you can receive and answer calls through it also. There will also be many Apple Watch apps be released by Apple after the launch of Apple Watch in April. The battery of the Apple Watch is also expected to last for 18 hours as it will be charged with a magnetic charger. It is made of a specific alloy of aluminum which makes it 60 percent stronger than other gadget watches.

The price of Apple Watch is expected to range between 500$ to 10,000$. People from all around the world can easily pre order their Apple watches from 10 April 2015, which is when they will be available in retail stores all around the world. Apple Watch will be available from 24 April 2015 in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Japan, Australia, France and China. If you are a gadget geek, this is a must have for you. With exclusive features and excellent functionality, Apple watch will win your heart!